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: Woodstock

12-10-2004, 04:10 PM
Looking at the river gauges brings me back to a memory of one of my old albums. I only made Woodstock vicariously through the music. One thing I clearly remember was the Chant "No More Rain, No More Rain..." from a live album. I was thanking you guys in Seattle early in the year, now we will join you in the chant.

Now to make this fishing related, How do you pass the time when the rivers have exploded? I planning on getting out the tying gear and wrapping winter stuff.

OC, I'm pretty sure this provided you with quality flash back of sometype.

12-10-2004, 05:04 PM
Yeh, I fell of the roof of someones car just 35 miles from the farm.

Oh ya I wrapped all my X-mas gifts last night!

12-10-2004, 07:10 PM
"Don't use the brown dubbing, man. The brown dubbing's a bad trip, don't use the brown dubbing, man". :smokin:

12-10-2004, 07:22 PM
Tomorrow I will travel up to gawk at the Sauk. It is truly impressive when it is flooding. After that xmas shopping.

Oh yeah Woodstock. I don't think I was there.