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: Speyclave

12-10-2004, 11:39 AM
The speyclave no longer shows up on the main flytalk board. To get there you need to use the link on the top left of the flytalk page or go through the link on the speypages.com homepage.

Hope that helps you find it as I was a little confused this morning as well,


12-10-2004, 12:18 PM
Sorry -

I had to rush to work thus AM, couldn't get the new link graphics done in time but it will be obvious later how to get around.

Frankly, I didn't think people went to the speyclave via the forum, and the path to the forum from the speyclave has always been via these same links coming the other way.

The list of categories in the forum was (still is) much too long. I hope to find a better way to put all that info in a more streamlined presentation, thanks for bearing with me as I get ready for a big redesign.