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: ARC 1409 for Sale $400/USA plus shipping

Grampa Spey
12-03-2004, 11:28 AM
I have a less than one year old factory made ARC 1409 with the cork handles shaped and sized by Bob Meiser for sale, $400/USA plus shipping.

Bob made one of his Ocean/Surf Rods for me with a Spey Tip. Bob's rod does everything the ARC 1409 does, so the 1409 is redundant.

This ARC works great with the Rio Grand Spey 7/8, MS 7/8 and Wind Cutter 7/8/9 with or without the upgrade. The rod performs well in the wind with the GS and lifts all of the tips and tip compensator with no problem. It is a great winter rod. (no lines included w/Rod).

The rod is like new, and it was fished from Jan to May of this year. It has the factory tube and stock.

$400/USA plus shipping.