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grizzly jim
12-03-2004, 10:09 AM
i am just starting out trying to fly fish.i wanted to get a decent fly rod combo.i looked at cabelas.could you guys give me opinions on some of them.a fish eagle traditional/prestige 9ft 6wt,cabelas traditional/cahill29ft 6wt,redington redfly10ft,redington crosswater9ft,st.croix imperial 9ft.,st.croix premeir/prestige.the first two have a 5 year warranty on the rods.the other ones dont say so i'm not sure if they have one or not.price range from 130.00 to 150.00.also advice on some flies for panfish and bass and line and leader sizes.thank you for your help.jim t

12-03-2004, 07:56 PM
I dont have a tremendous amount of help for rod choice................. I like St. Croix's especially the moderate fast actions, I've fished the redfly setup and to be honest I wasn't impressed, especially when the handle found a way to gash and rip on the second outing....... If you are planning to fish for more bass than panfish a 7 weight would probably be better for throwing the larger sized flies, and trust me when you are just starting handling a decent crappie and maintaining line control on a 7 weight is plenty challenging.

For lines a weight forward bass bug or beginners line matched with the rod weight.

For leaders I would recomend:

4x or 3x (5-8lb)- For most panfishing
2x or 1x (9-11lb)- for most bass
0x (13-15lb)- for bass in heavy cover
These leaders should be 71/2 to 9 feet long

My favorite bass flies are

Dahlberg divers
and large (6-2+) woolly buggers

my favorite panfish flies are

soft hackles
peasant tails
bitch creek nymphs
size 8 or smaller muddlers, mickey finn and dace patterns
small poppers
small woolly buggers
- bright or flashy colors work very well

Starting flyfishing can be a little intimidating, the most important thiing is practicing with good equiptment, otherwise equiptment failures and problems take away from the sport and could ultimately lead to quiting flyfishing entirely....

Good luck, I hope we have another great mid-westerner contributing to the forum.

12-05-2004, 12:11 AM
i was looking for my entry into fly fishing also early this spring and went with a Scott V2 which i happily abused 3-5 days a week for three months this summer. it needs a new grip as a chunk popped out but it's fine otherwise. the rods start at $165 and a cheap reel is something like $30-40, i think. a little over your budget, but lifetime warranty on the rod from a good manufacturer. Sage has the Launch series which is similarly priced and has faster action and a lifetime warranty. then i also saw a series of G.Loomis combos that ran in your budget range. it was kind of odd since i had never seen a Loomis rod that costs less than like $300. that was at Outdoorworld/Bass Pro Shops, btw. have fun!