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: Busted Rods and Broken Lines

05-21-2001, 07:31 AM
This weekend was a rough one on my gear. I had previously snipped the tip of the second section of my rod, but broke another nice hunk off this weekend. I had tried to fix the rod filling the tip epoxy and then letting it set up. This worked through my first big fish of the season, but then broke like 10 casts later. I was curious if there was any way to fix this. I would love to just get it replaced under warranty, but I built the rod, making it difficult to replace quickly. Any suggestions on a fix?

Another issue was the coating on my Sci Anglers clear intermediate striper line. It delaminated in two spots this weekend, and is heading back for a replacement this week. Anyone else have probs with this line? Up til this point, I loved it. No memory, shot well, good line.

05-21-2001, 12:13 PM
Nick----- Have you tried using a section from an old Fly rod with the same OD. as the Inside dimesion of the broken section , Epoxy in place using 3hr epoxy then wrap the joint as you would in re-inforcing a ferrule section. Will change the rod action [ sometimes for the good] but will give you a serviceable rod. Good luck

05-21-2001, 01:23 PM
I actually called St. Croix and they said they can replace the section of the rod. Only catch is I have to send in the rod for them to measure it up. They then send it back with all the components, so I just have to reattach three guides. Not that much of a problem. Thanks for the idea though. That seems like it would work well.

05-22-2001, 07:56 AM
Nick- regarding the Scianglers cold saltwater clear intermediate delaminating- I had one crack, but it was replaced promptly. It was also right after they came out with this line so there were probably some production problems that got passed QC. The replacement is still going strong, and you're right it casts like a dream. ronl