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: The Last Trip -2004

11-30-2004, 09:56 PM
Well today we had a client who was a no show so it was 10:00 am. and the sound was FLAT CALM.....What to do? Go Fish you idiot! Today was my last day of insurance on the boat for the season so I decided to call my buddy Rick and see if he wanted to make one last spur of the moment blast. He said sure I have vacation to burn lets go. I tied up some herring rigs before I left so that on the off chance we might find some schools of bait we could try and get some. We launched in Milford and tried for some herring in the harbor. Didn't get any herring but we did see a couple of fish splash, while we were jigging for herring Rick hooks something but it is pulling way too hard to be a herring. He gets it back to the boat and surprise he snagged a bunker??? We stuck it in the well for later. We tried a while longer but never found any herring. Didn't want to lose anymore of the tide so we motored out to our spot. Couple of boats working the north side but didn't see them hookup so we headed to the south rip, I love the south rip and have caught many fish there. I started out with the herring rig trying to get some bait and as soon as it hit the bottom I hooked something, it wasn't a herring as it was pulling hard. Dropped it quickly and sent it back down. A second later another fish on, this one I got to the boat and it was a bass on a #8 hook . Tried one more drop with the herring rig cause we were laughing hilariously about the bass hitting this multiple hook herring rig. I hooked up immediately and it was a big fish that broke off my 10 lb. test rig in the blink of an eye. I went to the heavy rod with a diamond jig and to make a long story short we bailed fish after fish for several hours until the sun went down. Rick went to the eels and picked up a couple more fish before we put a close on the 2004 season. Most fish were in the 25" class and we landed several at just over keeper size, nothing giant but we had a blast on a beautiful late fall day on the sound. The fish were feeding on top sporadically but would not hit any top water stuff. They were spitting up small 4-5" smelt like bait, also had one cough up a squid and one of the fish Rick caught had a 7-8" herring sticking out of his mouth. This fish was only about 16-17" and the bait was close to half his size. We pulled it out of his mouth and the head which was in his stomach was already half digested??? We also saw a seal bobbing around out there. Final tally Rick had 36 fish and he said I had at least double that many, I did not keep count but it was a bunch of fish, so many that my arms and shoulders were killing me by the end of the day. Great fun on a bonus day.

Capt. Mike M.

I almost forgot there are still some huge bluefish out there as Ricks bunker got hammered by a 12+ lber. and I had one much bigger than that circling a small bass I had on, he looked like a Great White circling at boatside on one of those shark shows.......very cool! We caught a couple of blues on the day as well.

12-03-2004, 10:39 AM
I sure hope I start seeing the fish you released here very soon... :D