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: This Sunday Past......

11-29-2004, 11:47 PM
Good evening,
This Sunday past, I retreated from the grey that has griped the valley, to the clarity of the Coast Range. In my travels, to which I was afforded many vistas, each one rivaling the next, I came across this Jewel at the 1700+' elavation. The air was a chilly 20ish, no wind. The water temp was still in the upper 30s, with some spots along the edge starting to freeze. I managed a few strikes, but, as I related the story to a friend later in the day, they were of the nip'n spit class. Had a Deer jump across the front of my truck on the way out, what a beauty!
Then there was that river, closed now, but already on the dance card for next year!
Few things better than a Sunday drive in the Country!

And I remain, Better for the experience!