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: Epic albie action in NC

11-22-2004, 08:37 AM
We saw it all today. Blankets of feeding albies in the morning. Fish blasting
bait in an area covering an acre or more. Less than a dozen boats out there so the fish stayed up b/c they were not getting pressed by the usual asortment of dorks. Cast a crease fy anywhere and expect a hook up almost immediately. Be careful not to leave your rod laying down...
Also got into some truly fascinating bait ball fishing. Huge balls of pelicans
dipping their beaks in the water. Shut the motor off and drift in. When the pelicans break off there are the baitfish and the albies beneath them. I hooked one by just dipping my fly in the water.
Wish I hadn't (where's the challenge?), more interesting to just sit and watch the action of the minnow balls and to see just as many albies flashing beneath them in the crystal clearwater.
Then we got into some fish running the beach in less than 3 feet of water.
Yesterday my charter even caught a 28 inch striped bass in the same situation.
I told the guys wading at the hook that the fish were boling on the east beach but they just stood there like nothing was going to make them move. Whatever...