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: Olympic National Park Regs.

11-17-2004, 05:40 PM
Talked to the lead Bio at the Park this morning and he gave me an overview of the regs for the coming Winter Steelhead season in Park controlled waters.
There will be no harvest of Wild Steelhead in any of the Parks waters. There will be a very limited area for bait fishing on the Queets from Hartzell to the Reservation Boundry. This will be until March 1st when Bait will be banned in all Park managed waters for Steelheads.
The justification for the Bait usage is the Hatchery return to Salmon River just below Hartzell Creek which of course the Park wants harvested to keep them from polluting the Gene Pool upriver ( My words not the park Bio's)
The WDFW is having meetings with the Quinaults in the next few days to disscuss Foregone Oppurtunity on stocks that are co-managed by the Tribe the State and the Park, there may be some modifications but we shall see how that plays out very soon.

11-18-2004, 12:01 AM
This is good news; however, I wish WDFW and the Attorney General would stand up the tribal claims of foregone opportunity and let it go to court where we would finally get closure on it instead of rolling over and negotiating with the tribe to avoid court. I say this because until the courts rule on it one way or the other, there is no foregone opportunity and each time WDFW and the Attorney General
negotiate with a tribe on it for the tribe to increase its share of harvest, it provides more and more of a precedent for a tribe to make the case for it in court and thus increases the probability that the courts will agree with the tribe's contention of the existence of foregone opportunity.

Personally, I a bit miffed at the "consevation minded" tribes who are claiming they deserve to increase their portion of harvest when sportsfisher practice C&R to help increase and preserve the run. I am equally miffed that our politicians (and especially the Attorney General) have been telling WDFW to negotiate with a tribe for increased tribal harvest if sports harvest is reduced or curtailed. Just because the state lost in Bolt and Baldridge doesn't mean it will lose on foregone opportunity. I am concerned though about the precedent the state is making in negotiating for increased tribal harvest when a tribe claims foregone opportunity.

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