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: Cold weather carp

11-13-2004, 03:02 PM
Took a ride to the baby carp fishery to see if there were any fish around. I went to the shore to take a look before getting out my gear. Always a mistake. Right away I saw a couple small carp near shore, so I went back for my rod. The fish were gone by the time I got back and I looked around for a while without seeing anything else. The sun was nice but the air was cold and the increasing wind wasn't helping with the comfort or visibility so I headed back to the car. On my way back I saw another carp sniffing its way across the flats about 30' from shore, headed directly towards me. I flipped the fly out in front of the fish and crouched down a bit as it got closer. It got to within 2' of the fly and then spotted me and quickly turned away :mad: . I followed it down the shore to the next fishable spot but it swam into deeper water before I was able to get another cast. Stayed for a while longer but didn't see anymore fish.


11-13-2004, 03:47 PM
Fish are cold blooded critters so their motabolism slows down as the water turns cold. And warm water fish seem to be more adversely effected by this than the cold water (trout & salmon) types. I inherited a koy pond when I bought this house and was told not to bother feeding them once the water temp drops below 55 degrees.
When I lived in So. Ca. and would fly fish for the Golden Bones, as we called them, I found that if the water was cold enough to warrrant putting on waders, it was going to be tough. Where we fished, the water never got over four feet deep. The only cover the fish had from predators was to hide back in the cat tails.
During the warmer weather, when they were active, you could see them swimming around, tailing, feeding, etc. Even if they were hiding back in the 'tails, which they would do whenever there was a heron close by, you knew they were in there. You could see the 'tails dancing as the fish would brush against them.
You had to be able to put your fly back into a cut it the 'tails, because they were not going to come out.

11-16-2004, 05:56 PM
JD - Good info about the water temp and interesting story about your carp spot. Most of the places I fish have deep water and/or heavy milfoil where the fish can hide farther from shore. I have seen carp in the cattails and reeds, especially when they are spawning. Kind of funny watching the reeds move around as the fish plow through them.

I didn't get the water temp where I was fishing but I doubt it was above 55 deg. It was very shallow with a silt bottom so maybe the sun did warm things up enough to get the fish moving, or maybe the sun even warms the fish directly. It sure looked like they were searching for food.


11-16-2004, 10:53 PM
Where & when I grew up in the mid west, only low lifes fished for carp. They fished with secret dough ball recipes. And they kept everything they cuaght, and ate it. There were numerous jokes about the preparation of carp for cooking.
Golden Bones? Primer for bonefishing? Hell, we didn't even know what a regular bonefish was. Tell you what. You tie into one of these things on a six wt flyrod, you'll be thinking "E" ticket ride. Buy the book Carp on the Fly. You will look at carp,,,,and trout,,,,,from a whole new angle.