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11-12-2004, 10:23 PM
Firstly I'm not sure if this is a legal thing to do. But here goes.
This might be classed as a commercial post and is for those interested fly wagglers.
In the general wash up of my book, The Ancient Art Of Saltwater Fly Fishing, it was decided that it was too long, like 300 odd pages, and one chapter, on GsP braids and stuffed running lines wasn't really appropriate in a book on Swf history etc. So this chapter on the GsP subject may be obtained if anyone is interested on mini CD, for $10.50 US.
This includes the full guff, the truth and not furfy on the Gel Spun Polyethylene story, and what it is and how its made. Information supplied by the patent holders and inventors, and Australian Monofil who use it on a daily basis.
It includes the full guff on the use of CA glues, Loctite 406, with GsP braids, knot strength, and the results of some abrasion testing. It also contains the full story of stuffed running lines for fly systems. Which is a contentious issue but produces a running line heaps better than you can buy anywhere.
Some of the information has things for other types, because it includes GsP terminations for braid used in spinning, not Fireline unfortunately, roll on leaders for game fishing etc. It has pics of these things. And includes a bit on creating Velcro crabs, plus pics. Each CD will be numbered and signed to prove authenticity.
Rather than throw it away I thought I'd put it on offer. 15$ post free in OZ. cheers Max
If its off side I apologise, Thanks chaps.