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: Favorite Multi-Tip Standard line?

11-08-2004, 08:53 AM
Will run this question on the Steelhead forum, as steelhead are my quarry when I use MultiTip fly lines. I am new to Flyfishing Forum, perhaps the General Flytalk thread is more appropriate? Anyway, I have used AirFlo MultiTips in both 7 and 8 weights. They are about 6 years old( actually the 8 weight is now a Rio, as I have broken off the original tips and even managed to get down so deep with the type 6 head that I hung on a boulder and broke the belly line as well....I have replaced all with Rio sections....ps Rio customer service is outstanding...but AirFlo rep would not sell me a belly section).

I love the way the line fishes with the sinking tips, but I hate the way the floating tip casts. With enough power I can get the 8 wt floating tip to turnover a #2, but it is not a pleasant presentation.

Do any of the other manufacturers multitips present better? I do not think I would consider the SA option as I am not impressed with the Mastery durability. How about the Cortland, New Rio or New AirFlo?