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: Ross Large Arbor Reels

01-21-2001, 08:23 PM
I had an opportunity to inspect the new Ross Canyon large arbor reels at the Blue Northern booth within the Marlborough show. The reel itself seemed very light and the usual Ross sealed drag system is always a plus.

I'm in the market for a new 9/10/11 weight reel and was wondering what any of the board members thoughts might be?

By the way, Juro, it was a pleasure finally getting to meet you. The hats looked great, and my $50 is in the mail for my silver membership. Also, I hope all is well with your daughter.

~Mark Doogue

01-22-2001, 01:43 PM
The pleasure was all mine and thanks for asking about my daughter. She's still at the hospital but some possibles have been ruled out so we're feeling very optimistic at this point.

I fell in love with the new Ross LA at the BNTC booth as well... I can usually say 50 bad things about any product, and that's if I like it. I can say two things without fishing it a while on the negative...

plastic drag adjustment... won't stand up to the rigors, but then again you can order two spares from Ross for peanuts and replace them every three years to get ten years of new looking drag knobs. Low impact.

Handle is a faced cylinder, feels a little skinny for cranking lots of backing. I suppose that could also be replaced if it bothered anyone. Low impact.

That's about it!

It looks killer, sounds like an upper echalon reel, solid and light, large arbor, styled porting like mag wheels on black machined bar stock.

I am a whim away from buying it at a moderate $335 retail.

Glad to hear you liked the embroidery and thanks for your support.

01-26-2001, 10:22 AM
The more I think about it, the more I want it!

Check it out <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE!</a><!--url-->

01-26-2001, 11:00 PM
I'm with you.....

It's my next purchase, and a spare spool should do nicely for Father's Day.

And it looks as if I'll need to buy a 9wt RPLXi to attach it too. This is gettin' fun gentlemen.

~Mark Doogue

01-30-2001, 11:35 PM
Mark -

If you'd like to test the rod, the balance with the Ross reel, or other characteristics of the RPLXi, feel free to test drive mine. It's 3pc though - I don't know if you're targeting the 5pc 2001 model or not. I tried it at the show and found the flex point to be a little different than the 3pc but still a great rod and talk about a compact package!


01-31-2001, 05:16 PM
Thanks Juro, but the rod is already on it's way courtesy of L.L. Bean. I don't know if any forum members realize it yet but Bean has taken on Sage rods and Tibor reels this year. I'm sure Sage and Tibor have great warranties, but nothing beats L.L. Bean's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Case in point, I sent back my Bean 7wt rod with a check to cover the difference between my rods cost and the 9wt, 3 piece RPLXi that I wanted. After two years of use, and no sales receipt, my rod was magically transformed into a Sage. It's very much like magic, only Maine-iac style.