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: Kayaks Verse an Inflatable

11-17-2000, 05:29 AM
I have had a Kayak for 3 years, it is a Necky Garnet. This kayak has a uuround bottom for about 3/4 of its length, and also has a retractable skeg. It is very easy to handle, and is very maneuverable, I have gone in and out of the breachways without any problems on either the incoming or the outgoing. The problem is that coming into the surf, trying to land on the beach I have flipped everytime. The problem being that, when you ride the wave in, I cannot get out of the kayak as the round bottom causes it to lean as you try to get out, the next wave finishes you off. Maybe if I had a flat bottom kayak like a Pungo it wouldn't happen.
On the other hand an inflatable of between 8 and 10 feet should be a better surf machine. I have observed several times of two guys from CT put their inflatable in the surf, go out in front of the breechway and catch fish after fish when all I could do is be envious of them. They would fish for a couple of hours then come back in to eat and stretch their legs. I never saw them have a problem landing, orgoing into the surf. The wife is going to kill me, but I think next year I am going to find an inflatable. No motor, just oars. I think at a sacrifice of maneverabilty it would be great when you drive the beaches, as many many times there are fish breaking about 200 yards outside of the surf line, and all one can do is watch and wait, hoping that they will come in close. This doesn't happen often.

11-17-2000, 11:39 AM
art- This site has just what you are looking for and they look like they would row better than most inflatables I've seen plus they will take a small motor. http://www.internet.ve/caribe/ ronl

11-17-2000, 01:22 PM
Art -

Per the earlier thread I am also considering an inflatable. Just the ability to deflate it and have it available whenever I need it alone makes it interesting, and it seems some do not require a compromise in performance.

I have a confession I was not going to tell - I plan to tote it out to MOnomoy on the ferry to get me within striking distance of the south island when the tide is right, or to cruise over the crib like the flats boats, or the humps, or....

Try that with a pungo!

11-18-2000, 04:25 AM
Juro- You wouldn't be talking about another "Gerald" like Jack Gartside was using are you. HAHA!
On a more serious note- I was talking to a commercial Quahog diver who uses one and he's used it for 4yrs without any trouble. His is 14' and he powers it with a 40hp and been in some nasty weather with no fear.
Also the Coast Guard is using them alot in Narragansett Bay because they are light fast and stable. Just my $.02 ronl

11-18-2000, 04:52 AM
Thanks Ron for the information. I looked at the site, The inflatable looks fine, but to heavy for me to handle alone. I am thinking of something in the max of 40 lbs that a 71 yeare old weakling can handle. It has to ride on the top of my truck. It will only have to last a couple of years, might have to put the rods away, and just remember the good times. One thing for sure I am going to make the trip to Monomoy next year, if I can still breathe.

11-18-2000, 07:19 AM
Art -

I look forward to your visit to Monomoy! Please allow me to be your host, although it will be a team effort with everyone pitching in (that's our style).

I have had very little to regret this season, but one thing I regret about my trip to British Columbia the same weekend was missing the chance to chew the fat with you at Rhodyfest '2000. As you know I wanted to hook up at Rhodyfest '99 as well without luck either. Monomoy gets hot by June, so I will make it a commitment to arrange for a great time hitting the various locales on the refuge with you.

Who knows we might be stylin' in inflatable kayaks by then!

11-18-2000, 09:07 AM
Just as a side note.. I picked up a Tribalance Kayak this year and since I picked it up late in the summer I did not get to use it alot, but I would put it in at Ridgvale beach in Chatham and book it to Morris Island and then across to Monomoy. Since there are pontoons it is a little difficult to manuver but not really a problem. I can stand up in the cockpit or sit up highter and use a rod holder when traveling.. It weighs about 55 pounds an I put it on top of the Jeep. No problem beaching it in the surf It does not tip over. At least uder usual cape south side beach conditions. I am looking forward to using more on the Monomoy flat next year and somthing to consider if you are looking to a Kayak. I think it is great for flyfishing and gives the kind of stability that is sometimes needed in changing conditions. I also don't think it would provide a false sense of security.

11-19-2000, 06:58 PM
Juro, I do hope that I catch up to you before June. I usually go to the Worcester show where I can try out new rods in the casting pool, and get to talk with the various experts that I have met over the years. Maybe I will even see my new inflatable.

11-20-2000, 09:16 PM

Belly boat, only way to go Art! Those float tubes have all the gismos. Rod holder, cooler, place for your GPS. Don't worry about getting there? We'll take turns towing ya.

On calm days Al_D can take you in the tidal ponds. I can tow you through the breachways to coastal locations during two foot conditions. Your son with his new 26 footer, can take you offshore. You can do doubles with Juro. Will put both on the spreaders and have Josko jerk you around.

Stay out of chum slicks for sharks and avoid those guerrilla bluefish. One more thing, watch out for those pogy snaggers with their weighted treble hooks! You know the ones. The ones Tom Meade talks about.

11-21-2000, 05:12 AM
Ray, I do not like belly boats, I guess I am an accident waiting to happen. They would not be a good vehicle in the surf. I had one of them things, it almost killed me in Nimgret Pond. What happened was I had crossed the channel to the marsh to work the undercut bank along its edge, and was returning. I was in about thigh deep water walking backwards with flippers on when I tripped on a rock and went over backwards, I was like a bobber, except I was upsidedown, and having a hard time to get turned right-side up. I was luck that I could, with my hands, get close enough to shore to get a breath and get turned right-side up. It was April, and boy! was the water cold. Came close to drowning in about 3 foot of water. No thanks to a float tube. I gave it away to a friend, good riddance.