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: Reel Cleaning

09-27-2000, 03:56 PM
I was hoping I might get some help for off season reel cleaning. I have a variety of reels and all have cork drags.. I always rinse of the reels after every use and lossen the drag nobs all the way when in storage. During the winter I do clean ,but I am not able to remove ALL old lube (I don't use Gink,but will if that is recomended). So.. I re-lube with Penn lube or Abel lube not WD-40 ,etc. and I put neets foot oil on the cork drags (Also got a type of oil from Larry's Tackle shop on the Vinyard which he swears is the lube for cork drags which I have used and it seems to keep the cork moist ,etc.). that's about it... What I wanted to know is how are any of you removing ALL old lube, if at all, and are you using a standard lube for the metal and a standard type lube for the cork drag. I guess I am asking for some down home experience in this area and the best process available. Thanks