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: report for 24th sept to 1st oct

10-07-2004, 05:35 PM
Made my annual trip to Cape cod last week.The first 2 days I caught nothing but did get a follow on the flats behind south beach and lost a fish on north monomy.
Day 3 Fished Harding and saw False Albcore twice.Fished Brewtser flat in the afternoon ended up with 3 stripers18"+ on sandeel clouser (small) and a larger 1 on a gurgler.Also had my only blue foe the week.
Day4 Brewtser Flats again 6 strppers to 24" same fly.
Day 5 weather bad
Day 6 Looked at Hardings again and caught a spanish Mack on a clouser from the beach.4 more from Brewster.
Day 7 3 more from Brewster
I'll be back!! :)