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08-14-2000, 03:44 PM
I purchased 2 Redington Reels in Feb, 2000. I use the 7/8 for Salt, and 5/6 for fresh. I hav fished the 7/8 everday since April, 4 hours per day. I have found the performance to be outstanding. The drag has held up just fine, the largest fish being a 38" Striper, with several in the 25-33" range. I have not had any drag related failures. I do take very good care of the reel, and I think that is the key to keeping the drag smooth. Another friend has the same reel, and NEVER cleans, lubes, or rinses it, and has had one freeze on a 29" Striper. He cleans and lubes it now. I have an Abel Super 8, and find that to be a superior reel too, however I find myself taking the Redington every morning. The wooden post/handle cracked and fell apart, but the fly shop gave me a new one. Spool cahnges are fine, and the sharp edge hasn't been a problem. Start up and smoothness during a run is fine wet or dry. I like cork drags as with the Abel because cork is more consistent, but so far the Redington has been worth the price in every respect.

08-15-2000, 06:14 PM
Great testimonial. I liked what I saw price/performance wise and have been curious what people would say at the *end* of this season about them. Chalk one up for Murph and his new reels, bringing quality stuff at working man's prices - and a top warranty to boot.

I haven't bought one yet but appreciate you sharing your good experiences with them.

Nathan Smith
08-29-2000, 10:38 PM
I have the 5/6 Gold for my 9' 5wt rod. I used it Idaho on the Henry's Fork. I like everything about it except for the reel handle. I think it is a little too small and is hard to take up line fast. For smaller trout it doesn't really matter but on the big guys it is important. I prefered the Bauer Little Mac more. It is a beautiful reel and has a molded larger handle.

09-27-2000, 01:27 PM
I bought my redington 9/10LA earlier this summer and on it's first outing the drag made some wierd noises and hitched a bit on the fast runs. There were no problems after that(mid-july) until last nite. I was fishing in roug surf and catching nice fish all nite, but towards the end of the evening the drag started making noises again and hitched a little, not as bad as the first time, but still worrisome, especially since i'm going to MV this weekend to try to hookup with my first tunoid. I wash/wipe down/oil&grease the reel after every use, so it's not like it's being neglected.

I think it just doesn't like being submerged. Both times i had problems i was wading in rough waters and was knocked down by the surf more than once, submerging the reel. It seems to be ok now, but i'm going out tonite to (hopefully) test it before the weekend.


09-28-2000, 06:40 PM
I had the same problem with the standard arbor 9/10 (same mechanisms). Believe its the spool click pin hanging up. My problem occurred after having fished one night, left the stuff in the car(didn't rinse after use),then fished in the morning. I took the reel apart per the instructions, cleaned and lubed. The click pin will get gummed up with oxide/rust so you want to clean that up real good. Then apply a bit of lithium grease to to the click pin and click spring. I have not had a problem since. But, if I thought I was going to get into tunoids or something I'd just remove the pin all together to be safe.

Fred A.

10-02-2000, 11:46 AM
Well, I really put the redington 9/10 through the paces this weekend on MV. It handled my first 3 flyrod albies from shore with amazing aplomb. I never even had to think about the reel during the fights with these amazing fish(which is huge, since my mind was already on overload after seeing the first fish take in knee deep water with less than a foot of flyline outside my rod, what a rush!). After this weekend I'm a believer, the redingtons are for real.