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: Oct 3 2004

10-04-2004, 09:33 AM
I usualy check the tieds, an wheather befor heading out BUT what the H#*^. called my son an told him I was going to Sandwich, town beach, if any fish were passing there they would be there. while driving down the ditch you could see the tide was heading out, NOT GOOD. an the flag was out stright also NOT GOOD. stoped to talk to a guy an he said the ditch was full of schoolies. well arrived at the parking lot at 6:20 walked over the mound an wind was blowing 20-30 an the waves were 3-4 an about 20-30 gulls around the rocks. as my friend LUE always said.( you cant catch fish sitting in the truck) . grabed our stuff an headed back up over the mound. looked for the gulls an now here were 50-60 flying around an diving in the waves.
BAIT, must be fish.as we reached the water , an wave washed some bait fish up on the beach, all jumping around wanting to get back into the water. as I looked back to the surfline the waterEXPOLED stripers were smashing this school of bait from 6'out to 60' out some 100' down the beach .it was unreal. they were every where. talk about timming! wow! cast after cast after cast, fish after fish after fish. as I LOVE TOP WATER action I put a popper on, as it hitthe water it soon was shot up into the air from fish banging it, as it hit the crest the wave you had to let it come down the back side, twich it an BANG. this lasted for about 2 hours up an down the beach the wind an waves carried the bait. as we followed. looking bown to the old harbor I say 100's of gulls pounding surf around the old wall, an comming up from the creek, I saw 4 fly guys walking up over, they saw the gulls an started running,rods waving an stripping baskets bouncing they all had spayrod looked to me 12-15' they walked into the water an started getting wet an catching fish, til they started moving out into deep water, an they could not reach them any more. befor leaving Igrabed a couple of bait that was washed up on the beach took it back to the truck an took a pic of it. this was one of thoes mornings you you read about, an what a way to end a season. this was my sons FIRST trip striper fishing, an I know he will never forget it .
P.S. if your heading out best ties up some! (there ever-where)

10-04-2004, 09:50 AM
I LOVE fall on the cape! Thanks for the great report.

10-04-2004, 12:03 PM
I'm jealous!!! I miss the striper fishing on the east coast!!! :mad:


10-05-2004, 04:55 PM
YES SIR,was great , even if they were only 18-22. cant believe there were only us 6 guys on the WHOLE BEACH! my THANKS to the FISH GODS!