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03-24-2000, 03:38 AM
Have just had a birthday, and recieved from my rather lovely girlfriend, a four piece, 8/9, 9.5 foot rod. It touts its self as a saltwater steelhead rod. It, for me, is perfect as I am going to terrorise the salt spp. of the Irish coast with Lefty's leftovers and whatnot... But has anyone heard anything about the brand (American) Silver Creek? Don't pull the punches I can take it. I'll fish the bejaysusin' thing no matter what. But proffessional curiosity is tweaking...

03-24-2000, 07:50 AM

I have never heard of it and I am somewhat of a gear-head. That being said - if the rod casts nice and you like it then it doesn't matter if it is a high-end rod or not. You may want to know for warranty and durability question though - sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Maybe a search on the web could provide you with some information.

Enjoy the coast,


03-24-2000, 12:15 PM
I own a 9'6" 8wt rod and it was my right arm for years of steelhead fishing in the pacific northwest. I also used it for ocean coho, river salmon including chinook and chum, and stripers on the east coast. Then I found out I had a left arm too! I went Spey and am still g-o-i-n-g....

Best of luck with the new rod, I hope to see some bright ocean fish photos soon!