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: Personal Flotation Devices for Wading

03-06-2000, 10:38 PM
Last year I bought two of the CO2 cartridge-operated flotation vests that come in a belt. They are great when you are not wading deep, but apparently the mechanism for engaging the inflation device is susceptible to corrosion and is listed as a "keep dry" device. The overriding manual inflation device (blow tube) will still work but I was wondering if anyone has ever had experiences with the co2 device failing due to corrosion? Do people keep the vests dry? I would not be able to keep an inflating vest / belt dry when wading.

03-07-2000, 07:51 AM
I've got one of the Cabela's suspenders-type CO2 PFDs, and while it's gotten wet, the activating mechanism doesn't seem to have gotten corroded. I'll admit that it's probably much drier than the belt styles, as it's at around mid-chest level. On mine, it's just a pivot with a pin that punctures the end of the cartridge- I'd think that covering it with a water-repellant lube (similar to what I use on bicycle hub bearings) ought to keep it working reliably.