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: Rhody Sunday - Double Slam!

09-20-2004, 03:55 PM
Ok, now that I have it out of my system, I have a confession.
Although I consider myself a reasonably successful fisherman, there has been one thing I was obsessed with achieving in the salt which had eluded me. That was the arbitrary and meaningless acheivment of the Proverbial Saltwater Slam. I've caught my share of albies and bonito [after an appropreate learning curve of course] and maybe more than my share of blues and bass. Unfortunately, landing all three in the same trip continued to frustrate my. I can't really explain it. I'm not normally one to be concerned with numbers or stats or records but this bugged me. So....

I hit the West Wall for the first trip of the season Saturday afternoon. I hooked and lost two albies and heard how great the fishing had ben earlier in the day. On my way out that evening, surf casters were scoring regularly with decent blues and bass in the channel at the base of the wall. I couldn't hook up with the long rod so I retired to gather my strength for the following day's effort.

Next morning I was at the wall as the first faint line of dawn showed on the horrizen. Soon as I got there I observed acres of bass busting all along the wall of the inside. I immediately hooked and landed a respectable schoolie which even squeeked my drag once or twice. Suddenly visions of a slam overwealmed me!

I immediately walked away from the hundreds of surface feeding bass without a backwards look. There was a certain rock out on the wall I had reserved in my mind and I was determined to get there before anyone else [it's flat and level and in a wide gap between lobster pots].

Apparently fate was looking out for me. I reached my rock to find it unoccupied. As I was stripping out line to make my first cast I dropped my fly into the water maybe 20 feet from the wall. It was instantly inhaled before I even stripped line. Setting the hook into what I assumed was a small bass I was shocked to get my knuckles bruised by an undertightened drag. It was an albie! Ever the pessimist, I eyed all the pots around me and the other fishermen casting and mentally prepared to loose the fish. Boy was I happy when I landed that puppy! After bestowing my traditional wet kiss to the salty lips of my season's first albie, I suddenly realized my slam was a very real possibility!

The beauty of landing your bass and your albie BEFORE the bluefish is that you can confidently tie on a wire bite leader without fear of discouraging those two more finicky species.

As anyone can attest who was in the area this weekend, blues were plentiful and cooperative. It didn't take me long to fill the Slam with a decent five pound blue. Luckily I had chased the blues pretty far out onto the jetty so no other fisherman was near enough to hear the song or see the dance I danced to celibrate my first Slam. Yeee Haa!

I left the jetty in a happy glow after landing several more blues and a few more bass. I barely even bothered casting for albies. I went for breakfast a happy man.

The day had more surprises in store for me.

Late that afternoon I returned to the wall intending to meet Slinger. Fishing for albies was slow and Steve had apparently already left. Tired of flogging the long wand in the 30 knot gale, I decided to break out the surf caster and hunt for the blues and bass which were so abundent earlier. They did not dissapoint me.

Good sized blues ran up and down the channel for several hours and tore up my plugs with enthusiasm. Every now and then a striper kept things interesting. Amazinly I had the general area [the base of the wall] all to myself as most everybody else went farther out on the wall. It was a beautiful evening and I was having a good ole time. Suddenly I hooked a fish on a swimming plug which took off so fast and far that I had to chase it down the wall. It was behaving very strange for a bass or blue yet I was still amazed when I got it close enough to see it was an albie! On a seven inch swimmer! A double slam!

09-20-2004, 05:49 PM
Awesome! First trip of the season? How do you plan to top that???? :hihi:


09-21-2004, 08:54 AM
You're killing us No. Shore guys. We're having a really slow start (if any) to the fall season. Great report, and thanks for giving us something to fish vicariously through.