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: Old Florida reels

02-26-2000, 11:37 PM
I recently got a look at the Old Florida reels. They have a rustic appeal and traditional cork drag system at a great price point. Appeared to be tough as snot, although just a bit heavy and aethetically lagging behind some of the more recent reel designs (Bauer, Redington, ULA/Lamson, Orvis Battenkill, Teton, etc).

Anybody have experiences to share with these? Most likely will hear more after this season.

Jay C.
02-27-2000, 08:22 PM
Went up and picked up the Redington 13/14 AL reel
today with the Rio line. Looks terrific, thanks for setting it up. I am not sure what the appeal is of Old Florida reels when LA minimalist reels are available like the Redington with a lifetime warranty. Weight cancels a lot of nostalgia over a morning of casting long lines.
Throw a picture up on the site of the old style reel and see what kind of reaction it gets....

03-01-2000, 03:43 PM
Jay -

If the reel seemed a little fondled or groped it was! It's quite a Spey reel with that Rio loaded on it. I'll bet it fits and looks great on that 15 foot Spey rod of yours. The black finish was the right choice too.

I wonder if Brian and the PNW boyz are seeing these on the rivers out west yet?