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: bootfoot or stocking foot?

09-16-2004, 05:04 AM
y'all know what i'm talking about, so let's hear it. also, to breath or not to breath? also best waders overall?

09-16-2004, 01:17 PM
I like both.

I had both until recently. For a quick dash to a trout stream I always used the boot foot, but for serious wading and walking its hard to beat a stocking foot with a good pair of wading shoes.


09-16-2004, 07:26 PM
Wow, talk about opening a can of worms. Alot of the decisions is more of a personal preference and how/where/ when they are used. My preference is to go with a stocking foot breathable wader. This way i can get more support and comfort to my feet for the long walks I may endure on the river. Also with the breathables comes less weight and you also will not get so warm when walking. I am able to dress warm under the waders and still stay comfortable even when the water and air temps drop. I have been using breathables for 3 seasons now and haven't touched my neoprenes since I got them. One downside I have found is the fact that during winter time wading, or shall i say fishing, is that if I am in the cold water(35 or under) for an extended period of time my feet will start to get chilled. A quick walk and I am back in business though. Once I find A way to keep my feet toasty in that environment I am set. That has been my only downside to stocking foot waders..
I would recommend stocking foot breathables if you are prone to walking great distances to find the fish.


John Desjardins
09-16-2004, 08:03 PM
For where your located stocking foot breathables.

09-17-2004, 08:38 AM
neoprene socks can help. If it is really cold, the boot foot probably gives a little better insulation.