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: Norway anybody?

09-14-2004, 10:05 AM
Hey fellas, my brother lives in Norway- Stavanger to be exact, and I'm wondering what the trout fishing or any fly fishing is like in that country. Anyone have experience? I'm not looking for bigtime saltwater fishing, as i don't have the gear- mainly wading in streams and rivers.

Thanks for any help!


09-15-2004, 03:53 AM

Norway is an awesome place to fly fish. Where ever you go you will find quality flyfishing. I go over there at least once a year, the variety of fishing available is incredible.

They have a shorter fishing season in Norway due to the weather (it gets pretty cold from October to April). When fishing for trout you do not need a national fishing license, although you do need one if fishing for salmon or sea trout. You will need a license even if you are fishing for trout on a recognised salmon or sea trout river.

From July the fishing is best, in my view. As some of the salmon rivers are closed until mid July. You can usually get a day ticket for a river from tourist offices, petrol stations, post offices, supermarkets, cafes; almost anywhere. A day ticket for a trout river will usually work out at about 5 ($8.50USD). This is usually valid for 24 hours from the time it is bought and covers a good stretch of river (often 6 miles or more). A day ticket on a salmon/sea trout river usually starts at about 15 ($25.50USD). For some of the more famous salmon rivers this can get quite pricey, however they are famous for the number and quality fish available so worth a treating yourself, f that is your bag. On the smaller (and often less well known) salmon rivers you can catch the silver tourists on a single handed rod.

If the fish are showing on the surface it is worth casting a line on one of the many and various fjords and lakes.

Fishing during the summer can be a 24 hour experiences. With some of the best hatches happening after midnight. I barely gets dark around mid summer. You might want to pace yourself.

Stavanger is on the south west coast of Norway and is quite industrial as a lot of the North Sea oil or gas companies work out of there. Inland from there will be fishign galore. I can guarantee this even though I do not particularly know the area well. It is worth being mobile in Norway and exploring. The scenary is almost as good as the fishing!!

I have a book at home which has a lot of the rivers (impossible to have every river listed) in Norway listed by county, which includes information about tickets, fish species, etc. I will dig it out this evening and let you know what it is called. If you are going there it is worth getting hold of. I know many of the tourist offices sell it.

Hope this helps.

09-15-2004, 08:26 AM
Wow Jamie,

That was one great post! I want to go right now!

09-15-2004, 09:12 AM
Thanks Hawkeye,

there is so much you could say about the fishing in Norway, it is difficult to do it service in a single post.

Alreadyplanning my trip over next year. It is starting to get difficult now - as Cape Cod is looking to become another place for an annual pilgrimage - the pain, oh the agony of so much variety.

09-18-2004, 01:42 AM
The book I referred to above is called 'Angling in Norway - A Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Facilities'. Published by Nortrabooks the ISBN is 82-90103-69-7

09-19-2004, 05:40 PM
Hi Jeff!

Since I live in Norway, I`d better reply to this thread. :)
I`ve never done any fishing in the Stavanger area, but a friend of mine lives there. He mainly does troutfishing in lakes and ponds. Some lakes hold char as well. As Jamie writes, in general fishing doesn`t cost a fortune. Stavanger area is, by Norweigan standards, highly populated. Because of this you won`t have to do much hiking to go fishing. Most lakes and rivers are close to road.

Stavanger is situated in the far south of Norway, and the region is close to the North Sea. This makes the climate a bit different from the inner and northern parts of the country. During winter months snow may fall, but it usually melts quite fast. As it hits the ground, or at max a few days. White Christmas is not in the Stavanger vocabulary... It is also quite flat, so expect a bit of wind. The wind combined with lack of snow makes fishing in Stavanger an all year activity, you will always find lakes without ice. Troutfishing in december is not to comfy though! (Don`t expect any rising trout, bring a montana nymph!!) May-September is regarded as the best period though.

From november to may fishing for seatrout in the ocean is good. This is no-cost fishing. All you need is a pair of waders, a 9-10fot 6-8wt rod, floating or intermediate line, and standard minnow streamers. Shallow fjord areas with reefs, smaller islands, and tidalcurrents(bad grammar??) usually holds nice amounts of seatrout and other species of fish. Mostly cod, but you may even cath a sea bass.

There are several salmon streams and rivers close by. I don`t know much about salmon fishing in the south. My waters are in the northern part, about 2000km away from Stavanger. :) To get expert info on this matter you may use this site:
A british AGPAI-instructor named Steaven Mear lives at Bjerkreim, probably the best river in the region. I don`t know the guy, but I`m sure he can help out if you email him.

Welcome to Norway!

Best regards, Erlend

09-23-2004, 09:39 PM
Wow, thanks for some great info guys! I'm not sure when its gonna work out for me to come, but it certainly looks like a great spot to fish. I may have some more questions later!

Thanks a ton!


10-18-2004, 08:53 PM
Hey Jamie and Welde, a last minute trip has been planned- i've just become an uncle! and I'm coming for a visit from Nov 4 to Nov 8.

There won't really be time to fish... so i'm debating whether i should bring a rod... I want to do all carry-on luggage, and could bring an Orvis 9' 6wt 4piece, but thats not decided yet.

What i do want to do is check out the rivers. you said that trout fishing is free- do i need a license at all? and how do i be sure that a river is not a salmon designated river?

we won't be traveling too far from Stavanger, so i'll be limited that way, but if i got a feel for the different potential spots, i'll know how to pack the next time i come (hopefully next June)

Thanks again!