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: New Ride

09-13-2004, 02:20 PM
Well, we did it. Just got word that we can pick up our new boat on Friday. My days of drifting over 10 inches of clear flats are behind me. We traded the 16 foot Center Console for a Century 21' Walkaround. it still has plenty of space to throw fly line from the stern area and she got a place to hide if it gets cold and wet out with a porta potty. Shoud also make some to the return trips from the Vinyard a little more comfortable. Now I do need to get SBFT spinning outfit and make sure I take the 12wt with me, because this new boat should certainly open up some new waters I was not able to explore. Need to get a another tuna permit for the new boat. Will post photos once we pick her up.

Anybody know if there is any thing to see east of Monomoy?

09-13-2004, 02:33 PM
Bob -

Great to hear from you!

That sled should make the Nantucket sleigh ride a little smoother. I'll bet the missus likes it too, a little more tanning deck on that ride!

Congrats, and keep us posted.

Great white shark was inside the inlet for a while, go for it! :lildevl: Whales and slugs of keeper bass just off the beaches and tons of bait. I'll bet highbank has some hardtails right now, but I am chained to the desk for a while.

Good luck on the maiden voyage and save me a seat :cool:

09-13-2004, 03:24 PM

Linda loves the boat. She was exicited about the removable bench seat in the stern, which she thought she could use for sun bathing. Reminded her of the comprimise I made in giving up the CC. She now agrees that the pointy end of boat is for sunning and flat end of boat for flyfishing. I bet by next spring the cabin will have new cushion covers with matching pillows and curtains. I will probably get in trouble for knocking over the flower vase going to fast over the waves.

Will keep an eye on the weather would love to launch in Stage and run East of Chatham to see what species are around both mamal and fish. Seat is always open for ya.