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: Two days Of my own to fish

09-12-2004, 06:02 PM
I am going to be down the Cape for most of the week (Tues. thru Sunday).
I was thinking of trying fishing Waquoit Bay area on Tuesday for hardtails. Wednesday is up in the air. If there is anyone who could give me a sense of where to find fish(any kind) I would appreciate it. I will be staying in Dennisport.
so I can go either direction from there.
If someone would like to go with me on Wednesday. The company would be appreciated. Fly fishing is planned but not averse to other methods.

09-13-2004, 07:37 AM
bigboatdog -

The tides are perfect for walking the same trail we did earlier in the year, but the shuttles might be running light schedules. If it were me would do Sat at North Monomoy if the sun is out, maybe JimS is game. I think R/R runs full day on Sat. The Nantucket Sound pea bunker invasion is spilling over onto west common flats and those ghostly apparitions we saw earlier are now black backed beacons on the shallows (see the video I took the other day). The fish are coming in off deep water and their backs are as black as spring fish but their bellies are not as skinny, no spring racers just summer pigs on the flats due to the bunker and silverside feedbag on the sound side.

I wish I could get down there, this week is probably one of the last 'real' flats weekends of the year and it's a wonderful time with both residents and migrants in the mix in shallow water. Focus on areas with a strong influence of bait this time of year.

I would also do a day on the bayside at Saint's Landing. Work the stretch along the orange ball bouy (look forward-right from the landing about 30 degrees) with a tan silverside pattern (deep eel will do it) out to the blue hole on the drop with a floater or intermediate, then dredge the deep channel with a sinking line. As the flood starts work the same edge back to shore. *keep moving* these are ig tides on the bayside. Get back to the parking lot before the 17ft montauk tilts upright from the water arriving near shore or the wade will be deep across the gut. You should hook several nice fish along that eastern edge on both tides.

As far as North Monomoy it's best to go out there with someone who knows the route. South Beach should also be hoppin' especially if shoals of lost bunker stray in.

The tub has been very very good. Look over with binoculars from the lighthouse parking lot, if it looks like a Hitchcock movie you should walk over. The 10-15 degree water temp increase and tendency for the dead-end to hold bait has pulled a lot of big fish up there recently with the storm activity.

This is the time of year that albies show around the mouths of rivers on the southside... from Hyannis to Bass River to Herring River to Red River. I've landed several hardtails from shore on flies at these locations over the years although it's nowhere near as reliable as the West Wall they do erupt here.

It's a good time to be fishing the cape! The motto for fall fishing: if there's nothing happening where you are keep moving.

09-13-2004, 07:49 AM
Sorry -

just 'read' your post

Wednesday's tide is 6:20-6:30a low, 0.0
Weather: partly cloudy
Bait: bunker, silversides, sand eels

I would fish Saints in the manner described above, starting at 5:15am. Wade toward the orange ball bouy and work the current going out to the north. Bring a compass if it's foggy, better yet GPS. If not foggy no worries, just stay ahead of the tide. Adjust for actual tide encroachment but plan to retreat from the blue hole around 7:15-7:30 and work back along the east edge to the orange bouy over 45 mins to 1 hour and be back at the shore by 8:15a. The incoming fish will catch up to you if you leave early, expect to see some very large fish (we saw some 40" bass the other day here).

Breakfast at Marshside (Sesuit Neck Rd.) just down 6A at 134 intersection. Stop in and say hi to Don Baker at Sesuit Crk store.

Drive 134 south to soundside. Check as many river mouths (Bass, Herring, Red) as you can with a quick stop at Hardings Beach on the way to the lighthouse. The flood will be raging by then. Fish a sinking line with an upturned hook fly deep in the current starting over by the rockpile (snappy retrieve off the bottom) and moving toward the little rip at the point. Parking is wide open after labor day.

Cross over to the tub. Flood will be pushing water clockwise (looking down) to the south so work the end of the tub and follow the warm water south toward the RR drop off location.

Soon it will become flats, keep the eyes open as it will be mid-day, flooding, and there are fish in the area.

Cross over and fish the beach anytime, especially the bowls and bars around the corner from the lighthouse beach on the way back - they fish best on the flood anyway.

That's what I would do anyway.

Good luck!

09-13-2004, 10:43 AM
My knowlegde of the Cape is limited to Chatham and Waquoit. Could you tell me where saints landing is? I will also have my boat in tow so launch site would be helpful.

09-13-2004, 10:45 AM
OOPs. :chuckle:

09-13-2004, 12:56 PM
Launch the boat at Sesuit Harbor, either side. Very nice ramp. Head out of the breakwaters and...

the rest by PM

-or- else just motor around looking for birds and you should slam 'em\\

Watch out for shallow water within 1 mile of shore from Sesuit to Wellfleet

09-13-2004, 05:17 PM
Fished Morris Island in early a.m. on incoming. Lots of weeds, no bait. Keith didn't run today, so took the hike from the causeway to the backside and the bowl, nada.

Outgoing on Scorton in the p.m., some schoolies on peanut bunker.

Temp in the bowl was 76, outside 66. Bayside didn't check.

If you want to hookup, let me know.


09-13-2004, 07:40 PM
I would like to hook up. If you get this message I will check for a reply in the early(4:00am) morning. I will also send a PM so check that to.