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: video self-analysis

09-12-2004, 10:40 AM
Recently I have been setting up the camcorder in the yard and throwing casts to track what my arms and body are doing, and to see the reaction in the line. I know many of you do this already, but I just started in earnest.

WOW - what an amazing source of feedback! This could take years off a persons learning curve provided they were given enough tutelage to know what to look for. If a person knows what to look for then they could compare what they did on bad casts verses good casts and pick out some real useful experiments for the next day, and so on.

Adding "indexes":

I used to play guitar into a tape recorder and listen to the playback. At first I just flipped it on and jammed into a never ending solo. Listening to it didn't accomplish much. So I started talking to myself on these tapes. Silly but it really helped.

Likewise, at first I just flipped it on and cast but that led to an unstructured never-ending monotony. It was hard to connect what I was doing at the time with the footage, there was no structure. Same problem with the ol' guitar and the never ending solo.

So I started to put reference points in the tape. Either a little voice blurb, or an action if far off. The camcorder I have comes with a remote mike and I used to think "yeah right, like I'll ever use mr.microphone". Recently I've dug it out of the box and am going to use it to add voice indexes like "working extended stroke, left hand up for distance".

Afterall, it will have an audience size of one - myself! Who cares if I look and sound like an ass. :hihi:

Video analysis of casting has been a huge help for me, thanks to Dana and others who inspired me to give it a try!

01-13-2005, 11:01 AM
this is something the golf pros charge thousands for....maybe youve started a money making adeventure there :Eyecrazy: