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: South Beach: North wind for Sat.

09-10-2004, 01:54 AM
Wonder if it's worth a trip to South Beach? Will Rip Ryder still be running? Will a North wind put the fish down?


09-10-2004, 06:26 AM
R/R runs on weekends full tilt but some weekdays might see limited runs, contact them for actuals.

North wind makes for easy casting on the outside and pea bunker have turned the corner. Should be good action if you can handle the surf, it laid down pretty well Tuesday after the raucus surf from Frances. Birds everywhere, sand eels thick on the beach still. Just keep casting and moving and you should hit paydirt. Look for bars and bowls of course.

Inside does not get 'put down' per se by wind, but sight fishing can be hampered quite a bit by chop and casting will be backhand on SB inside. Not a bad tide, not a great tide but the game is about 50/50 bunker hunters and residents with habits. I would go to North and walk around since fresh migrants have been showing on the flats since the pea bunker arrived on the west side and you can see those 50 yards away.

My best pattern has been a tan silverside of late. You will see them up to 5-6" long on the flats in big schools and occasionally they will come 'raining' out of the water in the shallows. If you see that cast in the vicinity ahead of where they were fleeing and you can expect a hookup.

IMHO with the season clock ticking faster now any day on the water is a good day.

09-10-2004, 07:09 AM
Juro. Thanks for the heads up. What area of North Monomy should we concentrate on? I've only fished it twice and it's sooooo big! With wind from the north would we be smarter to start at the south end for wind from the back. I will be bringing my son for the first time and I know the wind might ruin ruin things for him at South Beach if he has to cast into it. He spent three years in Montana dealing with it but that was with a trout rod! What materials for the tan eel? Thanks again. Hope to see some familiar faces on the shuttle!


09-10-2004, 07:36 AM
If wind is an issue maybe you should fish Morris Island. Most of it is in the lee and there are just as many fish passing through the lane between north and mainland in fact the tub is probably more full of fish and bait than any of the surrounding areas and the parking is free at the light.

High tide in the late morning and outgoing the rest of the afternoon - couldn't be better at the outlet of Stage Harbor with pea bunker and silversides galore in the area and sheltered from the wind especially on the flat near the outlet by the bluff.

It doesn't sound like you are familiar enough with NM to make the best of it unless you are willing to put a day in for research, and the 'easy' side of South Beach would be the outside and you'd have to have your surf game in order to take advantage of that.

BTW - I am a big believer that a day of getting skunked doing quality research is better than a great day of catching where you learned nothing new... in the long run.