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: No Ferries Today, But I still got to Fish

09-06-2004, 07:11 PM
I had no idea that the ferries over to Monomoy weren't running today. I got to the causeway and it was empty... my fears were confirmed.. No Rip Ryder today. :eek: I am just not havin good luck on this trip.

Anyways the day wasn't a total loss. I motored back to the house in East Orleans and went down to Nauset hiked up to the inlet. Big hike, about 2.5-3 miles each way. Mung is on the menu on the surfside of Nauset. I got out to the point in time catch the last hour of the out going and decided to eat some chow while I waited for the incoming tide to flood the bars. The inlet itself wasn't totally munged out, infact it was rather clear water.

As the bars started to flood, things shaped up well. I wet waded out towards the channel marker, and started seeing fish almost immedietly. The way they were transiting I didn't some of the fish until the last minute. It was great to be out casting to fish that I was seeing again... Now the next trick was to catch one :hihi: ..... I was getting ready to head back in and warm up when I scoped a pod of fish moving on a direct path for me. I casted head on and basically submerged myself to get rid of my profile. He took on the third bump & Stall. Good fighter, Fish was probably about 28-30. nice fish. ...

All in all it was a good day. As the tide continued, clouds of p bunker arrived on the scene (or maybe siverside)... I couldn't get a great look. At about the same time the mung showed up too. Couldn't see anything anymore. too bad.

I am going to try for Monomoy again tomorrow. :devil:

09-06-2004, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the report!

Mid-day low, bright sun... Brewster Flats would have been cherry today and no mung. Oh well, the rest of the week won't be so accomodating over there, better stick to the south side.

Hardings / Stage Harbor should be getting some stowaways. Floating line exploring around the tub is a no brainer too.

Afternoon flood on Morris Island a winner and no surf problems.

Outgoing on the south side river mouths could bring some hardtails to shore seekers.

I like my chances around the lighthouse at dawn near the rockpile.

Fishin' vicariously thru your reports,

09-06-2004, 08:02 PM
Good report and glad you made the most of it. Keith was probably not running because of wind or the high surf.