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: Kauai Flyfishing ????

09-06-2004, 01:40 PM
Hi All.
I'm off to Kauai for 2 weeks at Poipu on the 16th of September. My trusty 9wt and a new 12wt are going with. Aside from the "flats" over by the Airport and the breakwater at Hanapepe does anyone know of other good places to walk, wade, and cast a flyline. I'd also like to know if anyone has any info on the bonefish, especially fly pattern info. Thanks

Paul Franko

09-06-2004, 05:17 PM
I'll be going to Kauai in may. Please let me know what you found out, where and how you fished and how you did when you get back. I'm looking forward to flyfishing the flats and the surf there!

09-07-2004, 08:21 AM
If you search back through the posts on the bonefish board I put a report there last year around April. Most of my shore based fishing has been on the reef areas on the North side. Anini beach has some very interesting structure. I didn't see any bonefish, but they are there. The beaches at early morning before the crowds show up could be worth checking out.

09-10-2004, 07:10 PM
I'll let you know what I find and see if I can't figure out patterns, colors and sizes as I go along. I have SCI Angle multi-tips for both rods ( RPLxi's) and a Riptide for the 9wt. and Huge Canyon for the 12wt. The fish I'd really like to get would be a Trevally but I have enough poppers to last the 2 weeks and enough flies to carpet the island.

09-11-2004, 10:11 AM
Good moning,
I do remember some inside reef action between Anahola and Kilauea on the road north to Princeville. Some hike-in, some drive. Look for the Papaya fields on the right side of the road. Sometimes you can gain access from these spots. Also the North shore can be productive on flat days (little or no swell) Check tides. There can be some radical Baracuda action at the end of the road at Na Pali. But I would not go without a 5 wt., "cause if everything stay blow out, you can still go for game fish action in 'da many freshwater ponds and streams, Bra! And they have Trout in Waimea!

12-13-2005, 10:28 PM
Aloha,sorry I didnt see this earlyer.Im a guide here on kauai and see many bonefish here at anini beach.Im still finding out new flats and still figureing out the hawaiian bones.The average bonefish on kauai useally weigh 6-10 pounds,but on some of my trips I've seen fish that were close to 4 feet.I spotted a giant fish that was talling near shore and my client had many shots and on the last cast the fish follwed the fly,but came too close to us and the fish took off.If you guys come to kauai and see me fly fishing I can put you on some fish If you book a trip and If the is waethers good.