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: anyone ever use one of these rods?

09-03-2004, 02:39 PM
I was just going through my fishing rods and have a bunch of rods that I rarely use. Included in this I have this old Eagle Claw 8.5 ft 7wt graphite, deep red color, metal reel seat (I think it is made out of lead or spent uranium) and these very weird nylon tube shrink guide wraps. That is, they are like pieces of plastic tube, the guide feet are placed under them and then it is likely that heat is applied and they contract pinning the guide to the rod. There are also only about 5 guides on the whole rod. The rod weighs about 300lbs and often comes apart in the most powerful part of the forward cast sending the front section about 30 feet out into the river. I cannot say that it is a pleasure to fish but it certainly is an experience that one does not forget. Kind of like getting repeatedly insulted at a restaurant by the waiter but you keep coming back because it is such a novel experience (there is a Chinese restaurant in London that has great repeat business for this very tactic). I bought it around 1982 and I think it had been in the rod rack for a few years already by then.

Anyone know anything more about these rods, ever fish one?

09-05-2004, 11:10 AM
,,,,although,,,might clear other's out of your way,,hmmm,,,start with that rod,once everyone runs for shelter,,,great concept :hihi: of course an arrow point lashed to the tip might yeild outstanding results :devil: