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: Missing...... :(

08-31-2004, 11:42 PM
there must be something about this month of august...

After an amazing trip to alaska, complete with 10 lb coho and 4 lb pinks in the salt, on fly rod, as well as just the whole concept of being in alaska, and loving it, i return home to have all my steelhead fly reels disappear/stolen... One BG-7 with delta long floater, and a spare spool with a windcutter-tips, and my beloved Gunnison G-5 with two spare spools and three lines.... my gear bag some how went missing during my return trip from Boise to here in central Oregon. all told, $1,800 in equipment vanished... the worst part about it, no signs of break in to my vehicle along the way... And because of my mind being on auto pilot from the trip, have very vague recollections about when i last saw/had the bag with reels, etc... damn near like it was abducted by aliens or something... have no better explanation...

The worst part about it, besides loosing the G-5 which HAD so many memories attached to it (first steelhead on fly, first coho and pink on a fly, first bull redfish on a fly, largest fish on a fly......), it's prime time steelheadin' and i'm with out my precious gear!!! :( did i mention the painful lesson i've now learned about car insurance and what it DOESN'T cover??? :eek: going to be a long september and october until i can get that BG-7 replaced....

in regards to the G-5, besides the memories and the lines and everything else lost, i'm bummed about its near irreplacability... i really wish Ross wouldn't have discontinued that reel...... :( I've put in an add in the "classifieds" for a G-5. if anyone has one in good to excellent/new condition, or knows where i could acquire a replacement, i'd really appreciate hearing from you....

stick a few for me...... :(

09-01-2004, 08:17 AM
sorry about the reels and other equipment. I recall standing at the airport in Vancouver, watching friend s from seattle depart in their vehicle for home after a week on a great steelhead river. After they drove off I glanced at the curb and their was a small black bag, I picked it up and it was one fo the fellows reels bags with a few thousand dollars worth of reels in it. He never knew he left it until I calledhim to say it was being shipped to him. SOmetimes I think we get so tired that we tend to let the mind disengage on checklist details after a week of intense fishing. At least I do. Perhpas yours was stolen , so I do nto mean to insinuate it was your fault. Just a recollection of a similar dissappearance and how that one turned out. As to the G-5...like its little brothers 3 & 4, it will tame big fish as fast as the really expensive ones, and they are tough if not bulletproof. Good luck on the search.

09-01-2004, 08:34 AM
and yes, I fish a G-5 on my 14/9 sage spey ...

09-02-2004, 06:23 PM
This is a few months old but??



09-02-2004, 07:09 PM
Thanks for the tip! i sent the person offering the reel an email, hopefully he'll still have it. thanks for forwarding that, really really appreciate it!!! :) :)