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: Thurs-Sunday Area 42 NS

08-29-2004, 07:28 PM
Talk about slow. Alot of bait type fish, herring, macks and small pollock in Manchester harbor. but no signs of big fish feeding on them. Checked out most of the sound but no life. Tried the power plant still nothing.
Moved to ipswich on saturday and only managed to ding the prop and have a single follow by one striper with no repeats.
Went out with guide hired by auction at UFT this morning. Caught a few fish near Hampton harbor entrance but overall a slow morning.
Now of course the fishing should be fantastic because it is becoming busy at work.UGHHHH

08-30-2004, 09:45 PM
Yes I agree. It's worse than the summer dolrums on the no. shore.
I've been out 3 times lately with little to show. Broke the pull cord on the outboard out at Ipswich doing the boating beach thing wth the family to boot.
I never seen it so dead up here. This year to date has been really really poor fishing.
I'm gonna go pick some bluegrass for a while til things heat up. Oh ya, need to tie some juvi patterns.
Maybe a run to Rhodey for them 'Noids is in order....hmmmm