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: Wading Caddy on flats...

08-25-2004, 08:49 AM
Hi gang,

Perhaps some of you can suggest a few ideas.

I love "do-it-yourself" wadefishing for bones and other flats species but when searching out distant flats, I often find myself overburdened with gear...ie)water bottles, camera bag, fanny tackle pack and occassionally an extra 4pc rod in a tube slung over my back. Not only is all this stuff cumbersome, it also takes a toll on me physicially as well as hindering my ability to freely move about.

At times I just wished I had an air mattress or something in tow with all my gear on it. I figure I could have a stone with a short rope for an anchor and drop it off here and there.

Have any of you fine folks ever done this?...what did you use? I'm thinking as previously mentioned...an air mattress, an innertube, an inflatable pool chair (be nice to take a load off once in awhile) or even a childs inflatable dingy.

I'm off to the Mayan Riviera for two weeks in December and plan on fishing the Boca Paila bridge flats a few times. It's quite a long walk out there and it sure would be nice to have 10wt rigged and ready for Permit in addition to my 7wt for bones.

Thanks and best regards,


08-25-2004, 09:03 AM
Hank -

You have found a soulmate brotha! I have done this, and the solution is quite nice. Stearns made a one-man kayak that is very small and inflatable. Many stores cleared them out for $49 and I picked up two. They have a capacity in the 250# range (need to check) but I have had a lot of fun with them getting to shoals that a wader can not reach. I also have used them as a caddy / emergency raft on the fast tide areas of Cape Cod with success.

The only dilemma is if you go too small you can't get on it with all the gear it's caddying. Otherwise, the compact one-man inflatable yaks are a very good option for what you're doing.

It weighs around 20# complete with collapsible oars and packs into a bag (included) that is about the size of a large beach bag.

I recommend putting your gear into a fold top watertight bag in the cockpit just in case.

When I am not playing with it the kids love to paddle it around at the beach.

Good luck with your quest.

08-25-2004, 10:49 PM
As you know, I've already got the kayak thing covered. But on this trip, we're not taking the Seaeagle380 down as the primary purpose of this vacation is to relax and spend time with the wives...besides, if we did bring it, weight restrictions would mean we'd have to leave one of the ladies at home....Hmmmmm?

My buddy and I are headed back to Eleuthera for basically the whole month of April. We'll surely get our bonefish fix then...at least for a while. Can't wait to do some more exploring on those out of the way creek systems...God I love stupid bones.



08-26-2004, 06:58 AM
Cool - sounds like nirvana.

This yak is about 1/5 the weight (20 pounds with oars) and very compact, just larger than a life preserver ring.

But there's an idea - the bait guys around here put a laundry basket into a life ring to keep baitfish. You could find an inflatable life ring and plunk some kind of round tub in there with a lanyard.

I am an avid flats angler and guide and use a Patagonia waterproof backpack or a Sealine high-capacity fold-top backpack, both with belts to relieve pressure on the shoulders.

Good luck with your quest.

08-26-2004, 09:42 PM

If you can stand it, you might also try a "boogie board." You can pick one up at Wally World in most coastal areas cheap and they are quite durable. Think you could strap on a variety of bags or water proof boxes. Break out the marine sealant and velcro and the sky's the limit. Maybe even attach a Scotty. Board comes with a tow cord too.

Actually, I am looking at a nice Scooby print boogie board right now (my son's). In all seriousness, I think we might just have something here.



08-28-2004, 01:49 AM
you guys are crazy