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: Skagit Watershed Council Meeting

Brian Simonseth
08-24-2004, 09:03 PM
Skagit Watershed Council Meeting
9:00am till Noon, Sept. 8, 2004
PUD Building, Mt. Vernon, WA.
Just off College Way Exit

Please plan to attend the next Watershed Council monthly meeting on September 8 as there will be an excellent presentation by Lars Mobrand, Chair of the Hatchery Scientific Review Group, as follows:

"The Role of Skagit Hatcheries in Conservation and Fisheries: Recommendations of the Hatchery Scientific Review Group"

Representatives of the Hatchery Scientific Review Group (HSRG) and Long Live the Kings will provide an overview of the Puget Sound and Coastal Washington Hatchery Reform Project, the reforms being recommended by the HSRG, and how these reforms will affect salmon and steelhead stocks in the Skagit River basin. The HSRG has concluded that hatcheries do have a role in the future, as part of an integrated strategy (alongside harvest management and habitat protection/restoration), to meet conservation and harvest goals. But hatcheries of the future must be different from those of the past -- consistent with protection and restoration of natural populations and not seen simply as surrogates for lost habitat. Also to be discussed are a series of steps the co-managers are taking to implement the HSRG's recommendations

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