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: CND rods for sale

clyde olson
08-22-2004, 06:48 AM
CND Custom 7/8 ($300.00) + tube ($20.00): $ 320.00
One year old. Fished for 5 days/ 10 or so practice sessions---SOLD

CND Custom 8/9 ($325.00) + tube ($20.00): $ 345.00--Reduced/Firm $320.00
One year old. Fished for 10 days/ 15 or so practice sessions

Both in excellent shape. Buyer to pay transportation costs. If not happy with rod, send back rod and I will pay for transportaion costs both ways. Tube costs are added since original rods come without tubes.

P.s. To clarify, "happy with the rod" means the rod is physically acceptable. I don't plan to spend money sending the rod(s) all over creation to allow prospective buyers to find out if they like the 'action' of the rod before purchase. One should know how a CND works/feels before serious buying intentions are entertained.

clyde olson
01-11-2005, 02:46 PM
Little late, but both were sold. Clyde