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: SA Saltwater Taper feedback?

08-12-2004, 02:29 PM
I posted this on the Pacific Saltwater board and am posting again over here to see if I can pick up a bit more feedback. Thanks.


Does anyone have any experience with the SA Mastery Saltwater taper for use in cold waters such as here in the Puget Sound region. I'm looking for a 6 wt floating line for beach fishing. Looking for a line that will give me better distance (aren't we all) and ability to throw medium sized poppers. For what it's worth I'm using it on a Sage 696 RPL.

In general, I really like the SA Mastery series. Initially I was considering at the XXD (Max Distance Taper) but the total head length at 65' for the 6 wt seems too long. The head on the Saltwater taper is 45'. On the downside, the Saltwater line appears to be stiffer ("moderate" vs "low" stiffeness) according to SA's documentation, but I'm curious how much of a factor this will be.

Any other suggestions? How about the AirFlo 40+ line which appears to be an integrated shooting head style line with a 36' head. Or how about Sage Performance tapers? Rio Clouser or Quickshooter?

Appreciate your help!


08-12-2004, 02:44 PM
I've owned the SA line prior to this year. I found it to tangle easily in cold water and after 2 yrs of hard fishing it started to show wear and some minor cracking. This yr, per popular opinion here-abouts, I bought Airflo intermediate (clear)....I'm very satisfied with flies out of the guides, never tangles even in 40 degree weather during early season, and has a 5 yr crack warrentee.
I bougt Wolff intermediate triangle taper (light blue) for my daughter....also shoots well, very occasional (once a day tangle if that). It's advantage is that it reportedly has a wider range re temps...cold to very warm. The Airflo supposedly doesn't hold up to hot at the Cape (Mass.) I haven't found a problem with it at all even in maybe the Carribean would be an issue, but not here.
Given your climate...I'd really recommend the can call them, they are very consumer friendly.....I did...they made a recommendation and said if I didn't like it, they would replace it with another of their lines for free.....they sold me! :)

08-12-2004, 02:53 PM
I believe that your question related to the floating SA. I have had very good luck in the Northeast Salt with SA floaters (not so with their coily intermediates). I also use the Airflo and Wulff TT floaters with no problems.

08-12-2004, 03:03 PM
I have heard good things about the clouser taper and may be just what you are looking for considering you want to throw poppers. I do own the SA floater and have not had any issues with it but its new this year and I didn't fish it in the cold weather yet.


08-12-2004, 03:43 PM
Thanks guys. yes - I am looing for a floating line.

Ron - was that SA you had cracking and coiling issues with a floating line?

08-12-2004, 04:49 PM
It was an intermediate line...also..the Wollf I've found needs streching, airflo doesn't

08-12-2004, 08:02 PM
Olyfly You read my mind..... well almost. I have an SA striper surf colored intermediate and I am to the breaking point with it. I have already returned the line once with hopes that I had just gotten a bad batch.. but it appears I am not the only angler experiencing problems the coiling. This is the first SA line I have ever had a problem with... That said, all my other SA lines are fresh water floaters for trout.

With reference to the distance issue. You might try over lining the rod up to a 7 weight floater to load the rod better. With that Sage it should take it like a charm :lildevl: . On my XPS 6 weight, I throw some heavy sinks & a 7 Weight Double taper floater for when I am nymphing ...or when I was still actively trout fishing, the stripers have sucked me into the abyss.... :cool:

Thats my two cents


08-12-2004, 10:18 PM
It is my recent understanding that Airflo lines do not take to stretching very well.