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: Long belly fast sinking line

08-11-2004, 08:11 AM
Hi guys,
I usually use #6 rods and lines. Dry lines and the intermediate glass lines I can cast out the complete lenght of the line (close to 80-90 ft) which I think to be far enough if needed. As a fast sinking one I use a Teeny 200. It still casts reasonably well, but on far casts it usually does not land straight anymore.
As I started inshore fishing I also use a Marryat WW 9' #9 rod. Dry line and especially the (Mastery) glass intermediate lines cast like a charm. Now the problem arises: fast sinking ones (7"or more sinkrate) I cannot cast properly. That is: full length of flyline straight out. I tried a TS350 and a Rio DC 24ft 300gr, with
both I cannot cast over 60-65 ft, if at all, and than I'd better use a helmet as these rather big flies stick in deep. I dislike the shooting system which these quite short bellies: too often the backing line tangles. I also like it much more to have more line in the air (50-60 ft) to cast out the full length with a last double haul. It gives me more control and precision.
What I would lile to find is a regular WF line, #9, with a sink rate of 7" p.s. or more, which is smooth as well.
Who can advise me ?