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: Boneclave: personal gear list

08-10-2004, 10:19 PM
Essentials: Clothing and toiletries (I prefer to put these items in a duffel to go inside tent, which rides in a large plastic tub on the boat with other items)
personal first aid, medications, toothbrush/paste, soaps, etc.
undergarments, socks, shirts, pants w/ change per day
casual zip-leg pants and fast-dry shirts
sweatshirt, sweatpant or other warm layer, fleece or other fast dry
lightweight summer raingear, waterproof pants or breathable waders for boat
hat, glasses, sandals or water shoes (wading to/from boats)

Camp: (these items are in the large tubs, I usually end up with two tubs)
sleeping bag, ground pad, tent w/ rain fly
supple nylon rope for drying clothes
flashlight, pocket knife, bug spray
optional: pocket hone, compass, gps, spare batteries, fillet knife
lefty's gear list items you signed up for

ICE - everyone bring a bag of ice, small cooler is a good idea
roll of paper towels, toilet paper (there is an outhouse with paper)
couple of large trash bags each person
fishing stuff (long list)
camera, vhf, walkie talkies
lots of water, drinks
food you will need for your stay minus sat group dinner and sun group brunch
power bars, personal snacks
lefty's gear list items you signed up for
Boat notes:

put your fishing stuff into one backpack or sportbag apart from the camp stuff
consider large stackable tubs to hold your gear for easy packing on/off boats
do not wear scuffing soles on boat days (non-marking soles instead)
be considerate of the host's wishes on board his vessel
offer to share gas costs
take any seasickness medications if you are prone to need it