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08-08-2004, 07:41 PM
Talked with one of the fish checkers this morning and she told me that the Coho Quota for Neah Bay was 75% used up last Weds. In so much as people were easily catching there limits everyday since then it is all but certain to be filled up. There will be a meeting on Tuesday to try and figure out some type of trade in the quota to keep the fishery open.
Having spent the last several decades driving around the North Pacific in search of Cohos I can attest to the fact that there are, "a whole lot of em around Neah Bay". Interesting how there are seemingly so many more unmarked fish than hatchery fish kind of makes me wonder why they keep the hatcheries going but then if they didn't have the hatcheries where would all those politicians get there photo ops when its time to cement the "Sportsmen for Joe Weasel" vote.
Had a very enjoyable time the last five days camped out at the Cape RV & campground with Topwater and NZ Trout Bum. Fishing was very plesant on several of the days a couple were marginal and one day just plain "Sucked".
A note of caution to those who might want to drink a little alcohol while in camp. It is forbidden on the reservation to have alcohol and the local cops were patroling the campgrounds for violators. The good news is on friday night we drank a bottle of Glenlivet without getting caught!!!!! However on Saturday when we found out how lucky we were we got to pour out all the beer and wine that was open at our outside picnic table. The old guy with the white goatee and the funny hat told the cops that we only had those few bottles and had no more in our coolers or trailers. I am always amazed at the professional approach that some of us have for obfuscation of the spoken word. Good job Harry!
The Ocean is alive if you have been thinking about giving it a try stop thinking and just do it. If the "Harvest " of Coho's is curtailed at Neah Bay that will not effect the other areas and the number of boats I saw fishing out of Seiku and Slip Point gave me the impression that there is a bunch of fish around there too.

08-11-2004, 11:34 AM
the season at neah bay will remain open. a few fish were found to keep us fishing (thank god).

thanks to wdfw and other ports for helping keep neah bay open during this bizarre year where almost no other ports have been seeing catch rates like neah bay.


NZ Trout Bum
08-12-2004, 09:48 AM
Good news Chris. Follow up to Moonlight's report as follows. Weather conditions did not improve and the wind couldn't figure out which way to blow. Fish were moving all over the place but I guess that is just the coho way. A hot area will hold almost nothing the next day and a blank area will be hot. Got to look around alot. Tatoosh to the whistle bouy was the most consistant. We never did get on big concentrations of fish we could stay on. Best days were about 15 per rod but average was more like 6-8. Size is still great with several fish in the 12 pound range. Did find some topwater action here and there.

Highlight of the trip was a grey whale that put on the best show I have ever seen. We were in Skagway bay hiding from the wind and saw him/her roll about a fly line away on our port. Then it dove and showed flukes. That was cool and we thought that was the end of it. A minute later the water bulged no more than two fly lines directly back of the boat and he/she came all the way out of the water in a breach directly toward the back of the boat. Came down with a huge crash and the wave almost got to our transom. A memory burned into my mind forever. Wow.

Will be back on station tomorrow until Sunday. See you all then. Warren

08-12-2004, 12:39 PM
Fished word to the wise...FOG! We followed other boats out to the whistler/red can, and caught several rockfish on top before the coho arrived, and then it was non-stop action for several hours before we decided that declining gas reserves, growing wind/swell size, and a pod of coho that were driftting farther and farther out, were enough to persuade us to return to port. All in all a fantastic first trip out there. All fish except one rockfish were caught in the top 6 inches of water!.