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08-07-2004, 04:42 PM
Full boat this morning.... Jimmy , myself, Craig (CJS60), Ron, Juro and his Client from Italy (who it appeared did nor speak english at all... Will have to see how Juro did ;) ) A bunch of Guys from North Carolina... and we hit the outside again.... Keith dropped us off at the JBouy... and Juro stayed there while Jimmy , Craig and I headed around the tip... Hard day.... only 4 fish for me but good fish with the largest around 27 inches again. We then situated ourselves and Craig was getting sporadic hits and Jimmy choose to head inside.... then Juro came up the beach from the North..... Outgoing tide, more sun than yesterday but big surf again... bait everywhere and the boats were in close.... I left on the 12:45.... hope to hear how the rest of the day when for the full day crowd.

08-07-2004, 07:21 PM
I ended the day with 7 stripers 14,20,22,2@24 and 2 fat fish @26. Striblue, was that a nice fish or did a blue cut you off?

08-07-2004, 08:17 PM
Craig.... my non slip mono loop wore out and broke off at the fly eye connection... I should have retyed it after a hour or so of fishing or tied a more reliable improved clinch or one of the other tippet to fly connections.... but that fish did take me into my backing just before it broke off.

08-09-2004, 08:35 AM
Did you guys see any blues on the flats? They invaded BIG TIME outside of SB to the point of being ridiculous. Was hoping they made it into the refuge to give the flats guys a thrill! Love the blues on the flats - easy to see, voracious feeders, jumps and tail-walks extrordinaire!

08-09-2004, 09:17 AM
We were off the beach and had 90% blues, 9 % dogs, 1% stripers.

The nephews from California (10 & 8 years old) seemed to enjoy it nonethe less.

Where did the stripers go?

08-09-2004, 09:29 AM
Dave -

Lots of stripers on the flats, a few rat blues toward late tide - no bite offs for my client. Thanks for the well wishes but no thanks ;) ;)

For the logbook, I have not fished wire nor lost a fly to a blue all year thus far. I would be pleased to keep it that way :) Forked tail gets no cast from me unless it's fat around the middle.


It was a new challenge to lose the verbal communication element from the outing to say the least! I have had non-English speaking clients before but that was with a daughter who translated. I studied a few terms but they were not effective in the exchange. Simply put, it was a feat to bring a few fish to eat and a couple to hand. But overall it was a damn good day to be walking the flats and no stripes on our backs when we returned on a dog day.

It started out rather amusingly. I saw fish moving in the first hour despite low angle light and tried to communicate what to do. After a few blown shots with no communication he thrust the rod toward me in response to my signals of fish approaching. A gentleman's challenge.

I thought to myself... this could be good or bad. If I blow the shot he would think I was selling snake oil but if I pull the rabbit out of my hat it will be very convincing and easier for me to communicate things from that point on. What the heck, it was only the first hour so I took the rod quickly and threw a backhanded cast onto the flat ahead of the approaching pod with one backcast.

With great anticipation, he watched me as I paused, waiting for the fish to make a move out of the trench onto the hump where the fly slid along in line with their stealthy glide over the bottom. The seconds seemed like hours, his eyes piercing at me through his flats glasses. The nose of the first fish came over the shallow hump, then another, soon four or five bodies were within a cat's pounce of the deep eel tied in flats colors. Time to pull the trigger - twitch-twitch, hop, BANG! I set the hook and as the drag peeled from the Billy Pate Bonefish reel I thrust the rod back at him in the same motion he made a moment ago at me but with a bigger ****-eating grin than even he had. We both shared an instantaneous chuckle in a language anybody understands - a giddy kid fishing laugh. He battled the hot flats striper and landed it deftly, thoroughly convinced that where there's a will there's a way and driven to figure it out despite the language barrier.

Within minutes, his turn came. More fish came in roughly the same approach, and he placed the cast with high accuracy using a water-load vertical stroke I had never seen before, but he put a lot of power into it with a low rod flex. I begged "attesa... attesa" which some website told me means "wait" and then said OK! He began to strip smoothly and rhymically and the fish passed the fly up after following it quite a ways.

I then used my finger to say "like this" and poked his shoulder in the strip rhythm I wanted him to use, then did it with the line to demonstrate. He nodded.

Another small group of fish came in-line with the trench very hard to see but coming and almost on top of us. The cast flew out, then with good timing he began the correct strip... the fish followed... still on it... he's following.... BANG! His first Monomoy sight fished striper on the fly was in the books.

Soon we were working our way up and down the flat with shots galore and he ended up with two sight-fished hard-earned fish, other missed eaters and a lot of new experiences and knowledge which might be worth more than the fish in the long run.

From my perspective it was a good day on the flats, humbling for such a good angler but very realistic and any dog day that ends in multiple fish landed is a good day in my book especially when language is not in the picture. We saw lots of fish and for the most part they were grabbier than recent outings. But you had to have everything lined up from your foot movements (lack thereof) to the amount of flash (or lack thereof) on the fly to hook them, and the presentation had to be nothing short of "perfecto".

Being a well-traveled and skilled angler helped him overcome the language barrier and other than a little surf action during the lowtide lunch break we stuck to sight fishing the flats and connected. With the handicap, things could have been a lot harder. The primary problem was my inability to communicate the nuances of seeing the fish verbally, nor could I describe how to place the fly if he couldn't see the fish. Nonetheless there was no doubt he got the hardcore flats experience he wanted for one of his two days off from the family tourist routine. His other day was out on a charter fishing spin and fly off South Beach where he was able to land a few big keeper bass and some blues. He was full of questions about the shuttle, how to get back, where to fish, flies, etc. I gave him a handful of flies and told him the routine in case he could sneak back to the flats. Where the fish were plentiful off the beach, I got the sense he was bitten by the flats bug pretty good. We shared some more chuckles at Squire's over a Buzzards Bay brew and shook hands on a good day together.

I sensed a slight increase in the aggression level of the fish on the flats, although I was limited to one cast. Silversides are much more prevalent all over the south side now, and the hardtails are going to show anyday. Pea bunker will come next and the dog days will be over. Fishing will be great but time will fly by, it will be time to hit the beaches with the Atlantis as the great migrating pods turn to the south.

But until then we have weeks of good sight fishing left!

08-09-2004, 10:36 AM
Juro great account of your trip and breaking the language barrier-very cool :cool:

Have not lost a single fly to the blues this year? I lost 11 on saturday, spent 4 hrs tying sat night, then had my fly box blow out of the boat on sunday afternoon. Luckily a few friends of the striped variety up to 35" had visited by then. One stayed for dinner :D

If anyone finds a blue Morell flybox full of eels please email me!

08-09-2004, 01:21 PM
That was a great "read" Juro, even though it was in Italian :) Language aside.....seeing it done right beats the verbal explanation hands down anytime!
Planning on a day trip to SB tomorrow...hope someone is around...going to try a couple of experimental convinced after the last trip, they need to see something a bit different....either way, if I get will be an "experimental "skunking :hihi:

08-09-2004, 02:06 PM
I think you will do well. The clock has ticked a notch toward fall finfish behavior. The sand eels have moved in to the beach and more finfish are on the flats. We can expect a more aggressive reaction from the fish, I even spotted some bass busting mid-day on the flats during the tide change. When the schoolies start busting on silversides the bigger fish take notice, I think exhuberant feeding behavior is contagious to stripers hence the fish that always seem to tail the one you have on the line. I saw some juvie squid squirting around as well now and then, which always gets the fish to lose their inhibitions mid-day. If I was able to communicate we would have fared much better, but since his perception of fish was never clarified in terms of colors, shape movement and other nuances that usually require much verbal description he couldn't see most of them despite having all the skills to present to them.

Within a couple of weeks things will get very interesting again as the pea bunker start to form a constant ribbon of munchies along the beach and get turned around inside the refuge.

Last year Jimmy and I saw a pods of up to 1000 fish or more when the bunker arrived. The light sand was black with stripers although there was no sunlight and a pea soup fog you could still see the sea of dark fish bodies shifting around you like an optical illusion. It was hard not to hook a fish if you cast anywhere.

This year I want to use a gigantic popper or slider over them to watch it get slurped down on the flats.

below: Fabrizio with a flats striper heading for the sound...

08-09-2004, 02:41 PM
They have a different word for everything!!!?
It's a wonder they can understand each other... :confused:

08-09-2004, 03:14 PM
In all honesty, it goes both ways. I am sure our ramblings don't sound any more intelligible to him. I had to wonder how I must've sounded to him as a pod approached :Eyecrazy:

I had the pleasure of visiting Torino, Italy in a past life. Fascinating place rich with history going back well before the Mayflower even ;)

08-09-2004, 03:21 PM
I met your client on the beach on Sun. He walked over to me and said in broken English nothing. He said I'm Italia. I said did you fish with Juro. He said yes two fish on the Flats. Showed him some of my flies and he pronounced the word crab very well :lildevl: FishHawk

08-09-2004, 08:54 PM
Hope you are right and they are active and feeding tomorrow. Just got the call, Amy will be joining me for the day......she has yet to get one over 24 inches...hopefully tomorrow IS the day for her :-) Will attempt to get her to try the surf towards the low on the way back. Will let you know if my burrowing crab design works as I designed it to...if not, Carol wants it as a pin :-)

08-09-2004, 10:42 PM
finally made it down to the Cape yesterday, albeit for only a few hours around low. windy but beautiful day. mucho fish on the outside. atlantis would definately have made it easier to deal with the surf. instead i got bashed around...but was able to pull in a few. enough to pacify my withdrawal, for a few weeks anyway.