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: It's not much of a profile

01-31-2001, 12:05 PM
Myles Kelly, Ireland

Became Mylo a few years back. I was working with a Johno, a Davo, a Frano, a Stevo etc etc etc, so the evolution to a Mylo was natural. It stuck.

Learned to catch fish at an early age, but never really learned how to fish until my late teens. Since then I long for the early years... First fish was a little perch on the worm, fished under a float. A completely solo effort. I was six and the day has never left me.

First fly caught fish was a small brownie parr on a Sherry spinner fished wet, two short years later. It was all down hill from there. I amassed tackle and flies and smelly clothes, leaky waders, old boots, old forgotten sandwiches in musty tackle bags and a great affinity for all things outdoors with the passing years. Caught memorable fish and lost some even more memorable ones (which would have had no place in the memory if landed - first river trout on an upstream dry, no net, high bank, no wellies/waders, some bankside willows, a few trailing roots... one anguished cry.)
Recently have tried my hand at saltwater flyfishing, but all I got was a bit of practivce over grass. Why do I get more office work every year? I only took this job as it was in the Central Fisheries Board and it meant a lot of work with fish. But I suppose it gives me opportunity to talk to you guys ( an admittedly small consolation- come on, no sulking. I'm only joking...)

It has meant an opportunity to work in fisheries habitat rehab, water quality etc and lately promotion of the resource (All hail the WebSite).

I hope to get a lot out of the next few years. I read everything I can get and there is a lot of flyfishing to do, even in the local waters... I have caught nearly all the Irish freshwater species on the fly, but still no salmon. Though that duck will break in a couple of months. I promise you that. And I will write it up for this place.

Cause its all about giving something back.


paul locke
02-10-2004, 03:21 PM
hi mylo, just scrolling thru old posts, i saw yours. i dont think i've seen the one you promised to tell us about your first salmon! my reaction on your post was 'you are not likely to catch one in view of the indiscriminate high seas netting by irish fishermen'. if you work in fisheries what can you tell us, is there any progress? is your govt really going to allow this slaughter to finish off europe's salmon? i would be really interested to hear the "local insiders view"