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: Light Salt Rod Questions...

08-03-2004, 11:53 AM
Hello everyone. First time to post! :) This is the best forum I have seen on the web. Below is a question I hope you more experienced guys can shed some light on.

1. Sage RPLX vs. TFO TiCr? I already have an #8 RPLXi but want either a #6 or 7 to take with me to the yucatan(small bonefish) as well as have something lighter to cast for smallmouth in the spring. Which would you prefer and why?

2. In regards to this if I do purchase the #6 RPLX would I overline it or not? I have not had the chance to cast the RPLX but like the RPLXi and figure they are most likely similar in action correct? On some other sites they have said that the RPLX is definitly faster. Is this correct?

3. On occasion my RPLXi seems tippy when casting next to the TiCr and wondered if the action on the TiCr is much like the RPLX action?

Thanks in advance for all of the help guys/gals!
tight lines,

08-04-2004, 02:25 PM
One of my favorite 6wt rods is the 690-3 RPLX. The RPLXi is much softer and flexes deeper into the blank,,,,most Sage fans did not like the introduction of the RPLXi actions.

I have not overlined any of my RPLX rods, I have 6wt throught 11wt in the 3pc design.

The TFO TiCr is slightly heavier and slower than the RPLX in my opinion. The TFO rods are in the class of the St. Croix, Graphite II, IM6 series

One alternative is to test cast a standard 7wt rod with a long belly 6wt line. You may be surprised at the performance. For years I used a 790 RPL with a 6wt line and really liked the set up for smallmouth. If the rod is for occasional bonefish and mainly for smallmouth and largemouth the standard fast action (flexible tip) would be my choice in 7wt 4pc. In windy longer distance conditions use a 6wt long belly line,,,,for shorter distance and heavy Clousers or Bugger use a 7wt line. Find a used Sage 790-4 RPL (standard is all metal reel seat, good for saltwater) and you will have an excellent outfit.

Fred Krow