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: wooly buggers for sale

11-10-2000, 10:37 PM
I have some wooly buggers I have tied to sell, I can tye some custom ones if need be. I can do colors in black, olive, purple, brown, brown/grizzly, olive/grizzly, and crystal flash type. I can add cone heads, dumb-bell eyes, rubber legs, flashabou, and anything else you like. I do this to make extra cash, im in college. I can tye several dozen in between classes. I want 11 dollars a dozen plus shipping and will do 10 a doz if its more than 3 doz, shipping it cheaper too. I am in the process of adding pics and will have a link before long. until then i will email pics if you contact me. ZR2MUDBUG@aol.com

11-13-2000, 04:48 PM
JH -

I think it's cool that you sell flies thru your college days. We are all for supporting tomorrow's workforce. I do however have an obligation to tell you that this area of the board is for posting fly patterns, not advertisements.

I don't mind you posting ads because you're a student, but you should know that the common protocol for such postings is to ask first.

If you post the recipes for these flies, I'd love to keep this message on the board. Otherwise I am afraid I'll have to move this message out of the fly archive.

thanks for your contributions in the warmwater board,