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04-14-2000, 05:54 AM
Jos'e, Juro et al,

A friend of mine told me about an old colleague of ours who did a lot of different types of fishing, not all FF. He often took scales to age fish as the scientist in him came to the surface from time to time. Now he had found a second use for the scales, well those from pike anyway. He dampened them, cut them to shape and used them as wings for black gnats, wet and dry. He felt that the irredesence, transparency and toughness of the scale is second to none.
I have practiced a tying and have yet to acheive something really worthwhile, but they still catch. I thought some fly tying experts of the FFF would do the technique justice. As the scales can be relatively large the size of fly is determined by how the scale behaves when wet. Some get a bit curly, but this may be no harm for emerging patterns...
I leave this nugget with you all to contemplate. Do get in touch and post your experiences (for all to benifit from).


04-14-2000, 08:30 AM
Interesting! I have used scraps of packing foam (the very thin kind that comes with electronic devices) for emerger wings, but the idea of scales remind me of polar bear in the sense that the irridescence is unmatched by synthetics.

Thanks for the tip.