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: Line slips out of stripping basket

07-27-2004, 05:13 PM
I have been plagued with fly line sliding out of stripping basket when an errant loop flips out of basket and combination of weight of line and slick edge of basket causes whole line to deposit itself in water while I'm concentrating on stripping line into basket.
First try at a solution was to try some Goop on the top edge. That worked for 1 day, but then got as slick as the plastic after it cured. Next I tried Softtex. It has been a week now, and it seems to work. Every now and then I try to induce line to slip by flipping a loop over the edge. It stays where it is and does not run out. The Softtex I used was old and therefore thicker than normal. It stayed put right away. If the Softtex is new I bet you will have to apply it in stages and rotate basket like you would an epoxy fly head.