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: Hardy tackle for sale!!

Salmon Chaser
07-25-2004, 05:52 PM
Hello everyone.
I have a Perfect 3 1/8" in 99% condition. 1980's era in RHW with a white agate line guide. Black vinyl zippered case and original box. There are a few marks on the cage from lawn-casting? or more likely just clumsy handling. There are a few light rubs to the top of reel seat so it has at least been mounted on a rod. However, that said, this is as close to new as i have seen in some time. This also comes with a new spare spool.A fantastic little Perfect in near new condition.
Asking $425us and I'll include the shipping and insurance.
NEW PRICE $385.00us

Hardy "Smuggler" 8' 2.5" 6wt in a 7 piece. This sweet little rod is also close to new except for a small mark to the butt cap(from setting on the ground)? and a slight rub to the outside edge of the H of H decal. Minor and not really noticeable unless looking for it. I dont believe this was fished, just handled. Comes with a mint leather travel case stamped with a raised Hardy Logo. The smell of the leather case is awesome! The tube is 15" long so no worry at the airport about losing this one. Near new example of one of Hardys finest rods.
Asking $450us and I will cover shipping and insurance. OFFERS????

Hardy Salmon tailer in unused condition. The only fault with this one is a small rub where the brass O-ring was laying against the shaft. This is a beautiful piece of equipment from Hardy in new condition.
$120.00us with s/h and insurance covered.

5 day inspection period and in the event you wish to return any of the items, your money will be refunded, minus the s/h charges. *Item must be in same condition in order to receive refund.
eBay moniker is salmononthebrain in the event you would like to check out my feedback.
Thanks for looking
Dwayne Miller
Salmon Chaser

Salmon Chaser
08-12-2004, 06:53 PM
Hey lads.
The Perfect is SOLD!!!
I will drop the Smuggler to $400us then it is off to ebay.
Offers on the Tailer???
Salmon Chaser