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: Atlantis question for Juro

07-24-2004, 07:47 AM
Some time back you posted a couple different links to video clips of the atlantis throwing some very long lines. Could you repost the links? I looked but couldn't find them.

07-25-2004, 02:38 PM
Here it is:

I need to get some on the water videos made and posted. I don't really air it out all the time - stripping baskets available today can't handle the amount of running line that the rod can cast. Still tweaking my big cast bucket design, shooting for completion before the fall migration.

Andrew uses what I would describe as a Belgian cast without the cross-over. It generates a tremendous amount of power as seen in this video.

Each line you use makes the rod behave differently. The 50ft Hardy 10/11 Mach I makes it cast slow and smooth; where a 30ft shooting head makes the stroke short and very fast.

Andrew was casting a 45ft 12wt shooting head in the clip.

07-25-2004, 07:33 PM
Appreciate the links and the help. Have been reading up on your past posts re the Atlantis (can't believe I couldn't find those clips on my own). I have an SA Tarpon line 12 WF, an Orvis wonderline wf12 and an Orvis wf13 with the intermediate tip. I plan to get the Wulff line you so highly recommend. I have yet to cast the rod. Just got a Penn international 4.0 reel (NICE!!) and have yet to spool it up. Any recommendations on a good backing that holds up well in the salt?

07-25-2004, 10:27 PM
Micron 30# but not white which seems to mold up. Colors will invariably bleed into the line, but I don't see this as a problem - I like the color change near the backing.

I cast the SA 12 recently on the 1111, Brendan O'Brien had it on his. Very smooth and casts to the backing very easily. Shoot a little line into the very last backcast and accelerate smoothly over a longer stroke and zoom. The head is longer so it's very comfortable to cast, but you will need to work out more line to load the rod between casts if strip retrieving to the knot. Not an aggressive line but very smooth casting.

The Wulff is really well behaved (taper) for such a short head and the 30' flips out for the next cast very easily. The loop holds shape well over the course of full line casts. I like the intermediate tarpon line best, but I would like it even better if it had a color change at the back taper. The floating Bermuda Triangle line has a color change and casts with authority even with good sized poppers.

50# slick shooter running line with 35ft type 3 or type 7 heads will get out there in a blink with a tight loop when the rod tip tracks true. I was recently casting directly into a fairly stiff wind without a problem provided I stopped the rod correctly.

As the experts say, the loop will travel in the direction you accelerate the line so keep the path straight and stop (flick) the rod tip high but just under the path of the line to keep the loop tight.