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: Marabou baitfish

03-17-2001, 10:52 PM

I started playing abound with marabou at the end of last season, and really liked what it did in the water. This is a variation on one of my last "trial models" from September- can't wait to test drive it.

I wanted to tie something that would imitate a baby bunker or other wide bodied bait, and would provide maximum wiggle with minimal line
movement. The combination of saddles for the tail and a marabou body seems to work pretty well.

Hook: These were tied on 1/0s, but size can go from ~2 to 4/0 on same pattern. I used mono thread here, and secured each tie w/ nail polish or zap-a-gap

-Wrap hook shank w/ mono thread.

-Tie in 4 white saddle hackles, keeping the fluffy stuff on the base to increase bulk.

-Tie in 2-4 strands of pearl flash on each side at the middle of the strand, fold over and secure (so you have 2X the strands when you’re done.

-Tie in a clump of white marabou on each side, and on the bottom. Tie in a clump of olive marabou on top. If you're more skilled at it than I am, you could probably palmer the white mabarou, but....

-Top olive marabou with some olive flash.

-Cut ~ 1 ¼” piece of corsair-type tubing, tie in one end over the point where marabou is secured, with rest of tubing extending forward over the hook eye.

-Push the free end of the tubing back over the hook, and secure at the eye. Color top of tubing w/olive and brown permanent markers.

-Add prismatic eyes using goop, paint on gills w/ red nail polish if desired.

-Go get those fish!!!!!

03-18-2001, 09:50 AM
Nice job Marvin.

I tried a similar pattern at the end of last season as well. It worked pretty well on some fish in an area that regulary get pounded by fly, bait & plugs.

I like the hackle tail, need to add that this year....


03-18-2001, 11:13 AM
I have done a number of these... The only differene is that the head is done with "football" shaped sticky forms and I then stick the eyes on.