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: Bronzeback Angel

Bob Pink
03-17-2001, 10:05 AM

A color variation of the tradtional angel hair flies

Hook: Tiemco 600SP 2/0
Underbody: Clear Ultrahair or other stiff synthetic
Underbody: Pearl angel hair
Midwing: Copper flashabou or angel hair
Top wing: Olive Rainbow angel hair
Thread: Monofilament
Eyes: Molded epoxy (size to suit your preference)

Secure the untra hair to the hook shank about 3/8" behind the eye. You want the material to lay pretty flat and not flair out. Take a few loose wraps to down the shank to keep it under control (or dab on some softex or soft body)
Comb out some pearl angel hair to remove the tangles, tie in your first bunch under the shank so that you have length divided 2/3 - 1/3 to create a tapered body.
Tie another bunch of pearl tied to the top of the shank to make sure the untrahair is covered on each side. Add one more buch of pearl to the top (optional) if you feel the body needs more bulk.
Add the copper mid wing
Add the topwing of brown/olive rainbow angel hair.
Whip finish the head.
Apply epoxy eyes to the sides of the head JUST behind the eyes. (usually the self-adhesive backing will hold them in place.)
Mix your 5 minute epoxy, heat the tubes in hot water for 5 minutes before mixing to make if flow easier (will shorten the working time so don't mix a big batch)
Using a bodkin, gather enough mixed epoxy to fill the gap between the two moled eyes on the bottom of the shank, hold the fly upside down and drop the epoxy in the gap, beter to use too little and add more than too much and have it all over the place.
Right the fly and apply epoxy to the gap above the shank.
A properly epoxied head will have the epoxy slightly above and below the eyes but not covering the outer surfaces.
Rotate by hand or on a dryer to distribute the epoxy evenly until set.

Bob Pink